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Surname Taeubl - Meaning and Origin

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Taeubl: What does the surname Taeubl mean?

The last name Taeubl is of German origin and is likely derived from the Middle High German word "Töbel," which refers to a spring or fountain. This is likely a place-name, referring to the origin of the holder's family tree.

There are a few possible variations and spellings of the surname Taeubl, including Täubl, Taubel, Taubel, and Tauble. The variations are commonly found in present-day Germany, Austria, and other former East German states, as well as many other parts of Europe.

The Taeubl's are historically believed to have been part of the Austrian nobility. They were mainly active in the farming industry owning land and other livestock in the German countryside. Taeubl's were also part of the highly regarded "Rittergeschlecht," an aristocratic class of knights whose members held court titles and estates.

Taeubl families often strove for hard work, strength of character, courage, and faithfulness. Today, the Taeubl family is a close-knit one and puts a great deal of emphasis on upholding these values.

In conclusion, the Taeubl last name was likely derived from a place name and symbolizes strength of character and hard work. The family has a proud history and continues to strive to uphold their values and traditions in the present day.

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Taeubl: Where does the name Taeubl come from?

The last name Taeubl is most commonly found in Austria today. As of 2019, data from the Austrian Government's Central Office of Statistics[1] showed 2,656 people with this surname. This makes it the 5,352nd most common surname in Austria.

This name is likely of pre-20th century German origin, specifically the area that is now Austria. It is thought to be derived from a name of the Täubl family, though the Täubl family is thought to have been indigenous to a place called Übelbach in Austria, on the Enns River[2], with records of the family name dating back to 1689.

The surname is pronounced TOU-buhl, and is spelled in various ways, including Täubl, Taeubl, Teubl, Taufhl or Teifl. While the name is most commonly found in Austria, it is also found in other parts of Europe and the United States.

Overall, the last name Taeubl is most commonly found in Austria, with the Täubl family originating from a village called Übelbach in the same country. The surname is pronounced TOU-buhl and is spelled in various ways, which has allowed it to spread to other parts of Europe and the United States.



Variations of the surname Taeubl

The surname Taeubl is of Germanic-Bavarian origin, and can be found in various forms and spellings around the world. The surname is derived from the name Teutloff, and is also known in some countries as Taubler, Taubl, Taubley, Tauble, Taubel, Täubl and Teubler.

In other countries, such as Austria, the surname is spelled Teubl, Teubloff and Teubly. In France, the surname is sometimes spelled Taublé and Teubert, while in Hungary the variant name Tuble is common. In many areas of Poland, the name has been modified to Tablé.

In the United States, the surname has been Americanized to Taubler, Taubl, Tauble, Taubel, Taubley and Tauble. A few families with the surname have changed the spelling to Tublee and Teubley.

In England, there are many spelling variants, such as Teubert, Taible, Taubl, Taubley, Teubler and Teubloff. Other names derived from the same source include Taubly and Tubley.

In Australia, the surname is often pronounced Teubler or Tubl, while in New Zealand it is sometimes pronounced Taublee or Taubley. In South Africa, the surname is often spelled Tablé or Taubel.

In more recent times, the Taubl surname has been altered to the more modern forms Teublé, Teubl, Tauble, Tublee, Taubley and Taubel, among others, depending on the region the family came from and the form they chose to adopt.

Famous people with the name Taeubl

  • Gretchen Taeubl: professional ice hockey player
  • Justin Taeubl: professional baseball player
  • Margarete Taeubl-Weller: Austrian artist and sculptor
  • Robert Taeubl: Austrian politician
  • Julen Taeubl: German football player
  • Gregor Taeubl: German biathlete
  • Andreas Taeubl: Austrian footballer
  • Florian Taeubl: Austrian-German ski jumper
  • Stephanie Taeubl: Austrian alpine skier
  • Peter Taeubl: Austrian footballer
  • Helmut Taeubl: Austrian footballer
  • Karl Taeubl: Austrian pianist, composer and conductor
  • Alfred Taeubl: Austrian organist and music historian
  • Jeff Taeubl: American producer, actor and theatre director
  • Richard Taeubl: Bavarian politician
  • Barbara Taeubl: American author
  • Ryan Taeubl: American opera singer
  • Johanna Taeubl: German concert singer
  • Siegfried Taeubl: German operatic tenor
  • Johannes Taeubl: German military doctor
  • Martin Taeubl: Austrian theatre director
  • Wolfgang Taeubl: German-Norwegian conductor
  • Claus Taeubl: German botanist
  • Leon Taeubl: American business executive
  • Rafael Taeubl: American spiritualist and writer
  • John Taeubl: American jazz pianist and composer
  • Kevin Taeubl: American business executive
  • Galina Taeubl: Russian actress
  • Wilfred Taeubl: Austrian music critic
  • Elias Taeubl: German architect

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