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Surname Tafelmair - Meaning and Origin

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Tafelmair: What does the surname Tafelmair mean?

The last name Tafelmair is a German and Swiss name derived from the Middle High German tafelmære which roughly translates to messenger or envoy. Historically, this name referred to a messenger who delivered a message from a table to a recipient or court.

The word 'mair' means man or peasant, suggesting that the name could have been given to someone who worked as a messenger for a table or council. Over time, the name was used for people who performed other types of administrative or messenger work, such as tax collectors, postmasters and other officers. In the modern day, the surname is most common in Switzerland and Germany.

As a German or Swiss name, Tafelmair is indicative of a certain origin and family history. It may have meant something different depending on the location and era, but overall, it is a unique and interesting name that has been around for centuries. It is a reminder of a past life in which messengers were highly valued and respected, and a testament to the importance of communication and kin connections.

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Tafelmair: Where does the name Tafelmair come from?

The last name Tafelmair is most commonly found in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. This last name likely originated from the Bavarian regions of Austria and Germany and most likely derived from the name Tabellmair, which was an occupational name for a cooper. This would mean that the family was involved in the process of making barrels or tubs for storage. The surname has been found in records in various regions of Europe dating back to the medieval period and can be found in many family trees and archives in these regions.

Today, there are many branches of Tafelmair families living in various areas of the world, including the United States. The Tafelmair name is especially concentrated in Austria and Germany, where individuals with this name can be found living in both large cities and small towns. There are also a number of families with this name scattered across Switzerland, with some even having immigrated to Canada and the United States.

There have been a number of notable bearers of this surname, including Austrian naturalist Franz Tafelmair, American judge and politician John Tafelmair, politician Hermann Tafelmair, and director Vincent Tafelmair, among others.

Variations of the surname Tafelmair

The surname Tafelmair is a German name, and it can have several variants depending on the area in which it originated.

Spellings can vary depending on the language of origin. Some of the most common variations include “Tafelmeir”, “Tafelmeier”, “Taphlemer”, “Tafelmeyer” and “Taphlemeir”.

Surnames from the same origin include “Taftelmeyer”, “Taflemer”, “Täfelmair”, “Täfelmeier”, “Teeffelmeyer”, “Toffelmeier” and “Täfelman”.

Tafelmair is also the source of several other surnames, which are either derived directly from the original surname or have evolved over the years. These include “Tafala”, “Tafall”, “Taffel”, “Taffelmeyer”, “Taffer”, “Taftelmeyer”, “Te95felmeyer”, “Töffelmeier”, “Teeffelmeyer” and “Toffelmeer”.

Additionally, some areas have seen the addition of an extra “e” in the surname, resulting in spellings such as “Taffelemeier”, “Taffelmeier”, “Taffelmeir”, “Taffelmayer” and “Taffelmayr”.

The many variations of the surname Tafelmair reflect its Germanic origin and provide a glimpse into its evolution over time.

Famous people with the name Tafelmair

  • Helmut Tafelmair- An Austrian painter, printmaker and draughtsman.
  • Michael Tafelmair- A German-language Swiss poet and prose writer.
  • Elisa Tafelmair- A former competitive figure skater from Austria.
  • Manuel Tafelmair- An Austrian former judoka.
  • Ewald Tafelmair- A Swiss ski mountaineer.
  • Christian Tafelmair- An Austrian bobsledder.
  • Alois Tafelmair- An Austrian World War II flying ace.
  • Tobias Tafelmair- A German opera singer.
  • Günter Tafelmair- A German mathematician and physicist.
  • Horst Tafelmair- A German former footballer.
  • Joschi Tafelmair- An Austrian Aikido teacher.
  • Konstanze Tafelmair- A former German Rhythmic Gymnast.
  • Wolfgang Tafelmair- An Austrian composer.
  • Michaela Tafelmair- An Austrian singer-songwriter and musician.

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