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Surname Tagert - Meaning and Origin

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Tagert: What does the surname Tagert mean?

The surname Tagert is of Irish origin and is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name "O'Togda", which means "descendant of Togda". The name "Togda" in turn is derived from the word "tog", meaning "raise". Therefore, the surname can be interpreted as "descendant of the raiser" or "one who was raised". Like many surnames, Tagert was likely a familial or regional name given to distinguish one person from another in the same area. Over time, it became a familial identifier, passed down through generations.

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Tagert: Where does the name Tagert come from?

The surname Tagert is believed to have originated with Germany, and is still relatively popular there today. It can also be found in Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Denmark, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

In Germany, the surname Tagert is particularly common in the northern states. One of the largest concentrations of people with the surname is in Lower Bavaria around the towns of Passau, Rosenheim, and Traunstein.

In the United States, the Tagert surname was first found in Kentucky, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Missouri. In 1891, the highest concentration of people with the surname Tagert lived in America, followed by Canada and Australia.

In modern times, Africa and the Middle East are also beginning to see some growth in the popularity of the Tagert surname.

The Tagert surname is continuing to spread, but remains most common in Europe, particularly the countries mentioned above. It is a unique surname that is not necessarily tied to any particular region.

Variations of the surname Tagert

The surname Tagert can have several variant spellings or surnames of the same origin. Variant spellings of the name Tagert include: Taggert, Tailer, Tager, Tagerd, Tagard, Tagord, Tagaert, Taegert, Tegert, Teger, Teggart, Teggert, Toger, and Togert. In Germany, for instance, the surname Tagert is also spelled Togert.

Surnames of the same origin may include Tagg, Teager, Tigard, Teagard, Tegg, Teggart, and Togard. These variants are derived from several origins, primarily continental German. One of the earliest references of the surname originates from 1582, when the name appears as a place of origin, recorded as Tadgeherde in the Hamburg Sammlung.

Tagert is a topographic surname, which was originally given to a person who lived near a physical feature such as a hill, stream, church, or type of tree. In this case, the physical feature was derived from a combination of words from the Old German, “tage” meaning “day” or “time” and “geherde” meaning settlement or a place of habitation. Therefore, the surname Tagert has been in existence for quite some time.

In conclusion, the surname Tagert is believed to have Continental German roots and has many variant spellings and surnames of the same origins including Taggert, Tailer, Tager, Tagerd, Tagard, Tagord, Tagaert, Taegert, Tegert, Teger, Teggart, Teggert, Toger, Togert, Tagg, Teager, Tigard, Teagard, Tegg, Teggart, and Togard.

Famous people with the name Tagert

  • Dick Tagert: an American race car driver
  • Brian Tagert: American actor and film producer
  • Eric Tagert: Colorado-based media producer, composer and sound engineer
  • Michael Tagert: American CEO of Creative Strategies Inc.
  • Katherine Tagert: American journalist and TV producer
  • Amanda Tagert: American singer and songwriter
  • Bruce Tagert: American comedian and former radio host
  • Mark Tagert: American pianist and composer
  • Allan Tagert: American screenwriter and television producer
  • Barry Tagert: American CEO of Advanced Technology Consulting
  • Kelly Tagert: American author and public speaking coach
  • Chad Tagert: American chef and restaurateur
  • Lyle Tagert: American videographer and animator
  • Elizabeth Tagert: American author and public health advocate
  • Daniel Tagert:American attorney and entrepreneur
  • Steven Tagert: American artist and landscape designer
  • Tammy Tagert: American taste-maker and fashion stylist
  • Tanya Tagert: American studio musician and music producer
  • Angela Tagert: Canadian artist and sculptor
  • Peter Tagert: German actor and lighting designer

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