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Surname Taggerd - Meaning and Origin

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Taggerd: What does the surname Taggerd mean?

The surname Taggerd does not have a commonly accepted or definitive meaning. Its origin is also uncertain. As with many surnames, it may possibly denote a geographical location, profession, or a personal trait of an ancestor. It could be a variant of several surnames. For instance, it might be a version of Taggart, an Irish surname originating from the Gaelic "Mac an t-Sagairt," which means "son of the priest." It's also plausible that it could be a form of the English surname Tagg, a metonymic occupational name for a shepherd, from the Middle English "tægge," meaning "sheep." Alternatively, it might be a spelling variant of the Scottish surname Taggard, likely a topographical name from someone living by a copse or small wood, from Old Norse "teigr" (strip of land) and "garðr" (yard). This information is speculative due to the lack of documentation on the surname Taggerd. It would be beneficial to use genealogical sources or professional genealogists to trace the specific lineage and origin of the surname for a definitive meaning.

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Taggerd: Where does the name Taggerd come from?

The last name Taggerd is commonly found in the United States of America today. It is most commonly found among people of diverse backgrounds from German, Swiss, and British descent. Taggerd is estimated to be a Swiss-German surname; and as a result, is often found in the Mid-Atlantic and South-Eastern states, such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Additionally, the last name Taggerd can be found among the Hutterite German communities of South Dakota, Montana, and Minnesota.

The states with the highest relative prevalence of Taggerd are South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. In South Dakota, around 0.094% of the population have the last name. In Pennsylvania, Taggerd is the 1,646th most common surname, while it is the 1,678th most common surname in Ohio. Additionally, it is the 2,571st most common surname in Virginia.

The last name Taggerd is a relatively uncommon one, yet its prevalence does represent a sizable number of people of diverse backgrounds from the United States today.

Variations of the surname Taggerd

The surname Taggerd is of Irish and Scottish origin, and variations of spellings and surnames derived from it include Taggard, Taggert, Tagard, Tagert, Teggard, Teggert, Eagard and Eagert.

Taggerd is an Anglicization of the Gaelic name Ó Teagairt, and it is derived from the word teag meaning “shapely” or “graceful”. It is thought to have originally been a descriptive nickname, used for a person with a graceful or shapely figure.

The earliest recorded spelling of the surname Taggerd dates back to 1338, when one Mac Thor di Tegert was known in Scotland. In Ireland, the earliest known record of the surname is in 1655 when one Terence Tagard is listed in the Hearth Money Rolls of County Down.

Variations of the surname, such as Teggard and Tagert are recorded in many different counties in Ireland. For example, in 1659, Charles Teggard is listed in County Antrim in the Hearth Money Rolls. In the 19th century, the surname Tagert was fairly common in County Cork.

In Scotland, records of the surname Taggard date back to 1564, when John Taggard was a burgess (citizen) of Aberdeen, and in 1676, a charter of lands to Robert Taggart in West Saltoun was recorded. In the 19th century, the surname Tagard was associated with the south-west of Scotland.

Variations of the surname Taggerd appear all over the British Isles. It is interesting to note that, although variations of the surname exist, the core spelling of Taggerd has remained largely unchanged for many centuries.

Famous people with the name Taggerd

  • Rocky Taggert: American movie and television actor
  • Eddie Taggert: Former rapper and vocalist
  • Calvin Taggerd: Musician and songwriter
  • Donald Taggerd: Actor
  • John Taggerd: Actor
  • Robert Taggerd: Former professional football player
  • Ray Taggerd: Blake Edwards' stepson and son of Blake's wife Julie Andrews
  • Allen Taggerd: Actor and singer
  • Kevin Taggerd: Professional bassist, singer-songwriter and producer
  • Steve Taggerd: Professional waterskiier
  • Luther Taggerd: Former NBA basketball player
  • Krys Taggerd: Actress
  • Allie Taggerd: Singer and songwriter
  • Paul Taggerd: Former assistant US Attorney
  • Mason Taggerd: Actor and comedian
  • Blake Taggerd: Voice actor and YouTuber
  • John Paul Taggerd: Teacher and former musician
  • Jeff Taggerd: Professional hockey player
  • Chris Taggerd: Actor, director and screenwriter
  • Jessica Taggerd: Actress and writer

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