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Surname Tahir - Meaning and Origin

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Tahir: What does the surname Tahir mean?

The last name Tahir is of Arabic origin and is sometimes also used in the Muslim world. It is derived from the Arabic word taḥir meaning "clean" or "innocent". Additionally, it can be seen as meaning "pure" or "holy".

This name is usually given to male children and is sometimes spelled as Taher or Tahir. Historically, this name was traditionally associated with Islamic mystics such as poet Muhammad ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Tahir.

The name Tahir is found throughout the Muslim world and is associated with Islamic honor, piety, and mercy. As such, it carries the idea of innocence and purity. The name also connotes strength, faith, and wisdom.

It is said that those who bear the last name Tahir have their own special place in Heaven as they are seen as being pure of heart and soul. It also implies having a spiritual knowledge and insight that surpasses the understanding of those who do not carry this last name.

Overall, the last name Tahir carries a strong presence of spiritual purity and holiness that is respected in the Islamic community. It serves to remind those who carry this name of their faith and faithfulness to Allah. This last name is an honor and carries many connotations of strength and honor.

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Tahir: Where does the name Tahir come from?

Tahir is a surname that appears throughout the Middle East and Central Asia, and is particularly common in Turkey, Pakistan, and Iran. It is the ninth most frequent surname in Turkey and appears in the top hundred surnames in Pakistan. In Iran, it's the 177th most common surname. It is also found in several other countries in the region, including Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Azerbaijan.

The origins of the surname Tahir are varied; some trace it to the Umayyad Caliphs of the 7-8th centuries, while others relate it to the Fatimids who ruled Egypt in the 10-12th centuries, and still others point to its Indo-Persian roots, meaning it may have originated in the eastern part of the Persian Empire.

The surname Tahir is still very common in the Middle East and Central Asia. It has even spread to other regions, likely through migration. As an example, it is the 721st most frequent surname in the United States. It is also a popular name in South Asia, East Africa, and the Caribbean, particularly among people of Pakistani origin.

The popularity of the surname Tahir is likely to continue as the Middle East and Central Asia continue to be politically unstable. This has caused many people from these regions to migrate, taking their families’ surnames with them. For this reason, the last name Tahir will continue to pop up around the world for years to come.

Variations of the surname Tahir

Tahir is an Arabic surname with various variants, spellings, and surnames with the same origin. The most common variants of the surname Tahir include Tahir, Tahara, Tahirah, Tahar, Tahara, Taharrah, Taharet, Thair, Tehreem, Tehreemah, Tehrim, Tahri, Taher,Taharri, Tahour, Tahouri, Tahurs, Tahor, Tahaur, Tahoor, Tahoori, Tahhoor, Tahweer, Tahweera, Tahweerah, Tahwi, Tahwi, Tahwya, Ta rates, Tahwat, Tahwah, Tayhar, Tehrim, Tehrimah, and Tehrym.

The surname Tahir can also be associated with other surnames from other cultures. In particular, in Jewish culture, the surname “Tahir” is often written as “Tawil” and is associated with the Hebrew meaning of “long”. Additionally, the name may change in spelling to “Tajouri” or “Tajouriah” if the family originates from an Iraqi Jewish background.

In other cultures, the surname Tahir is associated with the Korean surname Kim, as the “Kim” surname is derived from the Chinese characters for “Tehir” or “Thiar”. The Chinese characters stand for the character that denotes the Indus river, a river which is in the region that is now known as the modern state of Pakistan.

Additionally, in the Indian culture, the surname Tahir is often written as “Tahar” or “Taharani”. This is because the surname Tahir is associated with the famous Navi (meaning “prophet”) from Indian mythology. The Navi was said to have saved a village with the help of his magic powers and was given the name Tahar by the village’s people in gratitude.

The surname Tahir is also associated with the Malaysian surname “Tenir”, as “Tenir” is a derivative of the Arabic language “Tahir”. This is because the Malaysian language has adopted some words from the Arabic language. As such, the surname Tahir is also written as “Tenir” in the Malaysian language.

In conclusion, the surname Tahir has many variations, spellings, and surnames with the same origin from various cultures. As such, it is important to note that the spelling and origin of the surname may vary from culture to culture. However, the core meaning behind the surname generally remain the same i.e. “Pure” or “Holy”.

Famous people with the name Tahir

  • Tahir Zuberi: Tahir Zuberi is a Pakistani-American entrepreneur and investor. He currently serves as the Managing Director and Partner of FirstMark Capital, a prominent venture capital firm in New York City.
  • Tahir Akhtar Khan: Tahir Akhtar Khan is a Pakistani-born electrical engineer, specializing in bio-engineering and medical instrumentation. As a professor, he has written many papers and authored or co-authored over 30 books.
  • Tahir Mughal: Tahir Mughal is a Pakistani cricketer who has represented his country in Tests and ODIs. He is a slow left-arm orthodox bowler and a right-handed batsman.
  • Tahir Javed Khan: Tahir Javed Khan is a Pakistani politician belonging to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf political party. He is a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan.
  • Tahir Hussain: Tahir Hussain is a former Indian film and television actor who is most well-known for his roles in films like Meri Jung and Dil Ne Pukara. He was also the former owner of the television production house BAG Films.
  • Tahir Kamran: Tahir Kamran is a Pakistani historian and professor at the Government College University in Lahore. He is known for his writings on History of Pakistan and Indian subcontinent.
  • Tahir Bhatti: Tahir Bhatti is a Pakistani Apart recipient for bravery and gallantry for his effort in rescuing a drowning British boy in 2012. He was awarded the Sitara-e-Shujaat and also featured on the news stories broadcasted in UK.
  • Tahir Ali Javed: Tahir Ali Javed is a Pakistani actor and TV host. He is best known for his works in TV serials like Aik Thi Misaal, and films Mughal-e-Azam and The Legend of Maula Jatt.

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