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Surname Tandl - Meaning and Origin

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Tandl: What does the surname Tandl mean?

The last name Tandl is of German origin and first appeared in records in the early part of the 14th century. It is derived from two components: Tand and l. The word "Tand" is derived from an Old High German term for "tinder" or "twig," a thin, combustible material used to start a fire. The letter "l" was added to form a diminutive, indicating that the term referred to someone who worked with tinder, likely as a smith or charcoal burner. This would have made the name's original meaning "smith of the tinder."

Throughout the centuries, the Tandl family name has had many spelling variations, each with its own unique origin and meaning. Common alternate spellings of the name include Tandl, Tanndel, Turnndel, Tandel, Tundel, and Tandell. Most variants of the name are found in German speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland, although some branches of the family existed in the United States as far back as the 19th century.

Not much is known about the history of the Tandl family. The name likely indicates that the first person who bore it was skilled in the craft of making tools from metal, or perhaps was a charcoal burner who produced the combustible material used to start fires. The Tandl name has been found throughout German-speaking areas for centuries, and is perhaps still used by some of the original family's descendants.

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Tandl: Where does the name Tandl come from?

The last name Tandl is most common in Germany today, however, it is also present in other areas in Europe and around the world.

In Germany, the name Tandl is concentrated in the states of Bavaria and Brandenburg. In Brandenburg, it is the 180th most common name, while in Bavaria it is the 648th. In Germany overall, the name is ranked 1018th in the country.

In addition to Germany, the last name Tandl is common in parts of Austria, Belgium, Holland, and Switzerland. The name is not as common in other areas outside of Europe, as the name is a Germanic variation of the old German name "Organ".

The name may have originated centuries ago in the middle ages as a geographical description, though no records exist of its origin.

Today, Tandl is still common in areas where Germans settled and is quite common in Germany itself. In addition to Europe, it can be found in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand, as some German emigrants settled in those countries centuries ago.

Variations of the surname Tandl

Tandl is a surname of Germanic and Slavic origin. This surname has a variety of spellings and variants based on the region of origin.

The original spelling of the surname is varied due to language differences in German and Slavic languages. In German, the spelling of the surname is Tandl. In Slavic languages, the surname typically appears as Tondl or Tondel.

Variants of the Tandl surname include Tantl, Tanth, Tandle, Tandell, Tandler, Tandles, Tandles, Tindle, Tondl, and Tondel. Some of the variants are derived from the name's original spelling while others are adopted from regional spellings.

The surname is associated with other surnames arising from variations in spelling or variations in pronunciation, such as Handl, Tanden, Tundl, Tondel, and Tandley.

Traditional German surnames such as Tandl have become more common in the United States as people of German and other European descent immigrated to the United States. This has resulted in the further spread of the Tandl surname throughout the United States.

Overall, the surname Tandl has a variety of spellings and variations. These spellings and variations often depend on the region of origin, which can make tracing the surname back to its roots more challenging.

Famous people with the name Tandl

  • Mike Tandl: professional football player in Arena Football League
  • Rob Tandl: Canadian tennis player
  • Eric Tandl: former Belgian player for KRC Genk
  • Steve Tandl: former baseball player for the New York Yankees
  • Art Tandl: professional golfer
  • Georgy Tandl: Italian bodybuilder
  • Lena Tandl: famous Swedish blogger and model
  • Gustav Tandl: Slovenian mountaineer
  • Harry Tandl: New Zealand rugby player
  • Arnold Tandl: Austrian squash player

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