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Surname Tarbel - Meaning and Origin

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Tarbel: What does the surname Tarbel mean?

The surname Tarbel is of uncertain origin and meaning. It's relatively rare and doesn't appear to be concentrated in any one specific country or region, suggesting it may be a variation of another surname. Some records suggest a potential French origin, possibly derived from the old French terms "tar" meaning "to delay" and "bel" meaning "beautiful" but there is no definitive evidence or consensus around this meaning. As with many surnames, the true meaning and origin could only be accurately determined through genealogical research to trace the name back to its earliest known use. It's also worth noting that spellings may have changed over time going through immigration and translation processes. The surname may also have gained recognizability through notable figures like Ida Minerva Tarbell, an American investigative journalist and pioneering female journalist. Please note that despite efforts to determine its origin, the result may still be inconclusive due to lack of sufficient records.

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Tarbel: Where does the name Tarbel come from?

The last name Tarbel is mostly associated with the Middle East and Central Asia as well as North Africa. It is particularly prevalent in Lebanon, where bearers of the surname are known to have lived during the 15th and 16th centuries. The Tarbel family can be found in many other parts of the world, including Iran, Pakistan, Kuwait and India. It is also believed to have existed in the British Isles many centuries ago, with some members later settling in North America.

In recent times, Tarbel is mainly concentrated in Arab countries, with concentrations in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Kuwait. There are also large numbers of people with the Tarbel last name living in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Reports reveal that the Tarbel family is amongst the top 50 most popular surnames in Lebanon, with an approximate population of 8,000 individuals.

Furthermore, Tarbel is a popular name amongst the Arab world diaspora residing in Europe. Due to the historical connections between Israel and Lebanon, the name can be found in both countries as well. At times, it is also seen amongst Jewish people in Israel for the same reason.

In conclusion, the last name Tarbel is now widely distributed across many parts of the world, but is still predominantly associated with countries in the Middle East and North Africa, especially its birthplace, Lebanon.

Variations of the surname Tarbel

The surname Tarbel is a French derived name, meaning 'from Thierville'. Variations in spelling of the surname Tarbel can include Tarbell, Thurbel, Tharbel, Thabell, Tharbell, Tharbull, Tharabul, Tharibul, Tharabulle, Thierville and Thiverville.

The Tarbel surname can also be found in England and Scotland, likely from the French Huguenot immigrants who settled there in the 16th and 17th centuries. Variants of the surname in these countries, believed to have originated from this migration, include Tarberer, Tarbar, and Tarbove.

This French surname also has a number of variants in northwestern France, such as Thirboeuf, Tharboef, Thirboex, Thirbeeux, Tharbugue, Tharbyeau, Thirbuau, Tharbuy, and Tarabey.

The name has also taken on a few variants in South Africa, where some of the immigrants of this surname settled in the 19th century. These include Tharbels, Therbles, Tharbells, Tharulls, and Tharouls.

In the United States, the name Tarbel tends to be spelled as -Tarbell, and combined with the English variations mentioned previously, would mean you could also see Tarbar as one of its Americanized spellings.

Overall, the surname Tarbel can have many alternate spellings and been found in many countries around the world. Though some of these various spellings and surnames may be seen as different today, it can be said that they all have the original meaning of 'from Thierville'.

Famous people with the name Tarbel

  • Naomi Tabel: Naomi Tabel is an Israeli film producer and actor. She is best known for producing films including The Human Resources Manager, Prima Primo and Big Bad Wolves.
  • Jackie Tarbel: Jackie Tarbel is an American film and television producer, actor and author. He is most known for producing the television shows “Just Shoot Me!” and “Unhitched”.
  • David Tarbel: David Tarbel was an American professional football offensive lineman. He played college football at the University of Missouri before being drafted by Green Bay Packers in the 7th round in 1977.
  • Irving Tarbel: Irving Tarbel was an American film director, producer, and screenwriter. He is known for directing and producing films such as Firewalker in 1986 and Camery Man starring Chuck Norris in 1992.
  • Raul Tarbel: Raul Tarbel is a radio producer in Puerto Rico who is credited with producing some of the most popular programs in Puerto Rico, including El Show de Raul.
  • Yael Tarbel: Yael Tarbel is an Israeli actress known for her roles in films such as Tehilim, A Matter of Size and The Matchmaker.
  • Edmund Tarbel: Edmund Tarbel was an American actor who had small roles in films such as Some Like It Hot, Executive Suite, Houseboat, This Earth Is Mine, and The yearling.
  • Hayley Tarbel: Hayley Tarbel is an American actress known for her roles in films and television shows such as Assassination Classroom, Castle, and Teachers.

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