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Surname Tarin - Meaning and Origin

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Tarin: What does the surname Tarin mean?

The surname Tarin is of Spanish origin and is most frequently found in Spain and Latin American countries. Like many surnames, Tarin may be locational, occupational, or even descriptive, depending on its historical context. The most popular interpretation is that it's derived from the Spanish word "tarin", which refers to a type of finch bird. Hence, it could have originally been used as a nickname for a person who either resembled or had a particular fondness for these birds. Some sources also suggest it could originate from the word "atarin", meaning 'of the

tides' indicating a connection with the sea or coastal region. Furthermore, the surname could be a shortened version of some other unknown surnames. The definitive origin and meaning of Tarin are not universally agreed upon and can be subject to different regional and historical interpretations.

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Tarin: Where does the name Tarin come from?

The last name Tarin is commonly found among people from Latin America, especially Mexico. It is also fairly common among Spanish-speaking people of many other countries in Latin America, including Brazil, Argentina, and Peru. Outside of Latin America, people with the last name Tarin are likely of either Latin American or Spanish descent.

In the United States, Tarin is the 1,960th most common last name, with a population of 8,319 people. 8% of all Tarins in the U.S. live in Florida, followed by 5% in Texas, and 3% in California and New York respectively. The states with the smallest population of Tarins are Alaska and North Dakota, with less than 100 people each.

In Mexico, Tarin is the 85th most commonlast name. It is one of the most common names in many states, including Guanajuato, where it claims the number 8 spot, Jalisco, where it stands at number 15, and Aguascalientes, where it is ranked at number 32.

Overall, the Tarin surname is most common in Latin America and among those with Latin American or Spanish heritage living in other countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Tarin

The surname Tarin has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These include Taran, Tarran, Tarring, Tarinne, Tarren, Tarrington, Tarrin, Taring, Tarinon, Tarion, Tarrant, Tarringer, Tarrington, Tarn, Tarrington, Tarringer, Tarrens, Tarrenne, Tarrance, Tarington, Tarrier, Tarrenne and Tarig.

Tarin is believed to be derived from a Celtic geographical location or sometimes from a patronymic form of the personal name Taran, derived from the Welsh tair, meaning ‘three’. It can also be derived from the Old French term ‘terrine’ which generally referred to earthenware used for baking.

Tarin can also be a variation of the surname Terran meaning origination from the old French element ‘terre’ meaning ‘land’ and ‘horseman’. It can also be derived from the Old English words ‘torren’ and ‘torr’, signifying the male child of Torrance.

It can be could also be derived from a habitual practice or nickname from Terren or Terin meaning ‘tender’ or ‘clever’. It may also be derived from the Gaelic words ‘tairnean’ and ‘tairne’ meaning spinning wheel.

The variations in spelling of the surname Tarin seems to reflect the variety and complexity of its origins.

Famous people with the name Tarin

  • Emma Tarin, an award-winning film director with a background in editing and producing.
  • Einar Tarin, an actor known for his iconic roles in television shows and films such as DOCTOR WHO, X-Files and 7th Heaven.
  • Ben Tarin, a professional gamer who has competed in tournaments around the world.
  • Isabella Tarin, an American fashion designer whose designs have been featured on the runways of New York Fashion Week.
  • Pedro Tarin, a Spanish tennis player and former world-ranked professional.
  • Shirin Tarin, a British writer and director of both independent and Hollywood films.
  • Rumiko Tarin, a Japanese singer and songwriter who has achieved international success.
  • Rico Tarin, a hip hop artist and entrepreneur from the US who has been credited with pioneering the rap scene in California
  • José Tarin, a Brazilian entrepreneur and investor renowned for his successful venture investments.
  • Adeline Tarin, a French painter whose artwork has been featured in museums around the world.

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