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Surname Templet - Meaning and Origin

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Templet: What does the surname Templet mean?

The last name Templet is of French origin. It is derived from the Old French “templet,” which itself comes from the Latin “templum” meaning “open space” or “building.” In the Middle Ages, the “templet” usually referred to a square or open court surrounded by buildings, such as a village green. The name Templet also has a religious connotation as it was used to refer to a chapel, a sacred place dedicated to a religious community or to the memory of a special person.

The Templets were a prominent French noble family during the Middle Ages, whose members included the first French baron of Templet. In the 17th and 18th centuries, several members of the Templet family were appointed as governors of French colonies in India. During the French Revolution, the Templets escaped to England in order to avoid persecution. This was the beginning of many Templets migrating to other countries such as Canada, United States of America, and France, where the name has become much more common.

Today, the name Templet is spread across many countries around the world and among different cultures. It carries certain connotations of strength, nobility, and faith. It is a reminder of our heritage and of the values that our ancestors held so deeply and passed down through generations.

Templet: Where does the name Templet come from?

The last name Templet is most commonly found in the United States and Canada. It is also found in France, as well as other English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

In the US, the most populous cities with residents sharing the Templet last name are Austin, Texas; Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and Atlanta, Georgia. In Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia; Montreal, Quebec; and Toronto, Ontario, are home to the greatest populations of people with Templet last names.

Templet is an uncommon name and is relatively evenly dispersed across various States and Provinces in these two countries. While it is most commonly found in North America, some European countries, notably France, have populations with the last name Templet, too.

It is not certain where the name originated or how it initially came to be. However, some theorize that it could be of French or German origin. In either case, it was likely brought to the US by immigrants from either of these countries in the mid-1800s.

The Templet name is likely to remain relatively rare in the future, as its popularity has not really increased in recent years. However, it is likely to remain a notable surname in many countries across the globe, due to its relative even dispersion across the US and Canada.

Variations of the surname Templet

Templet is an uncommon alternative spelling for the more common surname Templeton. The name may also appear as Templeten, and there are variations such as Tempes, Templen, Tamplett, and Templette.

The surname Templeton originated from a place name in Scotland and is of Scottish origin. It originated primarily in Renfrewshire, then spread to Lanarkshire and Ayrshire, and finally to other parts of Scotland. It is derived from Temple-Town, which means “the town of the Temple”. This could refer to the Knights Templar, who had a presence in Scotland during the Middle Ages, and it could also refer to a local religious community or a Salemite community.

The surname Templeton is also derived from the Old English words “temple”, meaning a sacred place, and “ton”, meaning a settlement. This suggests that the surname originated from a place name that was used to denote a settlement that was used for religious purposes.

The surname Templeton is found extensively in the United States, as the descendants of early settlers who bore the surname have spread throughout the country. In the United States, variants such as Temples, Templeman, Templin, and Tamplet have been commonly used.

The Templeton surname has also spread to countries overseas, such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa. In these countries, spellings such as Tempelton, Tampelton, and Tamplton are commonly found.

Famous people with the name Templet

  • Sam Templet: American actor best known for his roles in the television series Deadwood and True Detective.
  • Jack Templet: Former manager of the Chicago Cubs and Oakland Athletics baseball teams.
  • Mary Templet: Wrote the popular children's book series Adventures in Cecelia.
  • Steve Templet: Former United States congressman from Louisiana.
  • Corbin Templet: Professional basketball player who played for the New York Knicks.
  • Les Templet: Singer and writer best known for his hit song "Miss You So," recorded in 1962.
  • Jimmy Templet: Award-winning film producer, editor, and screenwriter.
  • John Templet: Founding band member of the popular 80’s rock band Casual Affairs.
  • Clark Templet: Actor who appeared in numerous films, television shows, and stage productions.
  • Chris Templet: Professional tennis player competing in the ITF Men’s Circuit.

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