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Surname Ten Eyck - Meaning and Origin

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Ten Eyck: What does the surname Ten Eyck mean?

The surname Ten Eyck dates back to ancient times in the Netherlands. Meaning "at the oak," Ten Eyck is derived from the Dutch words 'ten' and 'eik', referring to the presence of a large oak tree near a family's home. The name is often associated with Dutch nobility, reflecting the prestigious lineage of those it belonged to in the past.

The Ten Eyck family has lived in the same area in the Netherlands since the 11th century, making it one of the oldest families in the country. Members of the Ten Eyck family have served as mayors, mayors' substitutes, chamberlains, and aldermen in various Dutch towns and cities. These positions placed the Ten Eycks among the ruling class and elite throughout history.

Today, the Ten Eyck family is an important part of Dutch culture. Family members still reside in the original area of the Netherlands, while descendants have spread to other countries around the world. The Ten Eycks have left their mark on Dutch society, and their presence can be seen in Dutch art, literature, architecture, and customs. The name Ten Eyck continues to be carried on with pride, honoring the legacy of a long and influential history.

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Ten Eyck: Where does the name Ten Eyck come from?

The last name Ten Eyck is of Dutch origin and is still relatively common in the Netherlands. It is a variant of the Dutch surname Ten Eijck, meaning "at the oak tree." It is believed to have first been used as a surname in the 13th century, and spread mainly across western Europe.

Today, the Ten Eyck surname is widely found in the United States. In 2018, it was reported that approximately 1,000 people with that name resided in the US. The majority of these people are scattered throughout New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Northern New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, although there are some in Texas, California, and Illinois as well. According to the US Census Bureau, the name is most common in New York, where over 350 people use it as a surname.

The Ten Eyck name has been a staple in the United States since immigrants began settling in the area in the late 1600s. Early records of the name can be found in colonial documents and inventories from the New Netherlands and New York area. It is still one of the most-used last names to have originated from Dutch settlers in America.

Variations of the surname Ten Eyck

Ten Eyck is a surname of Dutch origin, which is derived from the pre-11th century Olde Dutch word "t'Een Eyk". The literal translation of this is "at the oak tree". It is also thought to be derived from the Dutch place-name Tien Eyck, which was located near Groningen in the northern part of the country.

Variants of the surname include Ten Eyck, TenEyck, TenEick, TenEik, van Ten Eyck, van TenEick, van TenEik, teEnEick, teEnEik and van Tien Eyck. Alternate spellings include TenEijk and TeEInEijck.

In American English, the name has been altered to Teneyck, Tenyck, Tineyck, Tennyck, Tinneyck and Tinneack, while some of the variants can also be encountered as Tenyack, Tenieck, Teniek, Teneike, Tenneack and Tinneack.

The surname Ten Eyck is very common throughout the Netherlands and many Dutch people can trace their ancestry to it. It is also common in the surrounding countries, such as Germany, Belgium and France, where it has taken on alternative spellings. Ten Eyck can also be found in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Famous people with the name Ten Eyck

  • Gilbert Stuart Ten Eyck, former United States Navy officer and highly decorated Legion of Merit with the Bronze Star (WWII)
  • Casey Ten Eyck, American professional soccer player
  • Peter TenEyck, American stage performer and entertainer
  • Jeannette Ten Eyck, author, speaker, and teacher specializing in spiritual matters
  • Melville Ten Eyck O'Donoghue, retired American soldier, lawyer, and diplomat
  • Abraham Ten Eyck, former first clerk of the Province of New York
  • Dallas Ten Eyck, former American professional basketball player
  • Tacey Ten Eyck, American professional tennis player
  • Martha Ten Eyck, volunteer conservationist and raptor specialist
  • Will Ten Eyck, American tight rope and tight wire performer
  • Charles Ten Eyck, nationally renowned sculptor and painter
  • Edward Ten Eyck, American painter and printmaker
  • Josiah Ten Eyck, former member of the United States House of Representatives from New York
  • Osborne Ten Eyck, American portrait painter
  • Shelly Ten Eyck, contemporary watercolor artist
  • George Ten Eyck Jr., American film director, editor, and producer
  • Pardon Ten Eyck, former animal activist and writer
  • Abraham Ten Eyck Jr, American politician and surveyor
  • Inez Ten Eyck, stage and screen actress
  • Stephen Ten Eyck, bishop and teacher of the Episcopal Church

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