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Surname Thrower - Meaning and Origin

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Thrower: What does the surname Thrower mean?

The surname Thrower is of English origin and it is an occupational name. It is derived from the Middle English term "throwe" which means "to twist", "to turn" or "to spin". The surname was often used for someone who was a throwster, a person who made a living by twisting or spinning threads. Throwsters were crucial in the production of fabrics like silk, wool, and linen. The name may have also been given to those who had a prominent role in local games that involved throwing, such as the hammer throw or shot put. Like many surnames, Thrower started as a way to identify individuals by their profession or social role. Over time, these names were passed down to become family names. Therefore, someone with the last name Thrower today likely had ancestors who were involved in either the textile industry or local games.

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Thrower: Where does the name Thrower come from?

The last name Thrower is most commonly found in North America today, especially in the United States. According to research by Forebears, the surname Thrower was found to be most popular in the United States, with records showing that the name first became popular as far back as the 17th century.

In the USA, the Thrower family is primarily concentrated in southern regions such as Georgia, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama. It is also found in other regions such as California, New York, Iowa, New Jersey and Massachusetts. By reviewing census records, it is clear that this name is most frequent within the African-American community, although it has a notable presence within the white community too.

Thrower families tend to take part in several activities, including entrepreneurship, engineering, medicine, farming, manufacturing and the armed forces. Standout figures bearing this name include physicists William Worthington Thrower (1901–1989) and David Thomas Thrower (1917–2004), as well as the prominent military man, Major Erby Clair Thrower (1905–1987).

The Thrower name is also found in other countries like Canada, Australia, England and Ireland, however, it is most heavily concentrated in the United States.

Variations of the surname Thrower

The surname Thrower has a variety of variants, spellings and surnames of similar origin. Variants of Thrower are Thoyer, Thoer, Thoher, Thour, Thuer, Thye, Thohyer, Thower, Thore, Thor, and Thour. Spellings of Thrower include Thowar, Thowarre, Thowarr, Thowarres, Thowars, Thowarreys, and Thorwer.

Surnames of similar origin to Thrower include Thorwe, Torwe, Toroer, Trower, Trowsers, Trowser, Trowerks, Thoeres, Thorsay, Thorsea, Thorsa, Thorsy, Thorsyar, Thorsayre, and Thorsaye. These surnames all have Germanic roots and a similar sound.

Thrower is derived from the old Germanic word “threwer”, which describes an individual who was in charge of making items such as arrows, spears, and crossbow bolts. It was a common occupation in the Middle Ages. Thrower is a variant of an occupational surname, meaning a person who worked with throwing weapons.

Thrower is a fairly common surname in certain areas of Europe. In England, Thrower is particularly concentrated in areas of Yorkshire, Cornwall, and Lancashire in particular. In Scotland, the surname is also relatively common, especially in the west and midlands areas of the country. The surname Thrower is also found in the United States, primarily in the southern states.

In addition to these variants and spellings, there are also many surnames of similar origin, all of which are derived from the same Germanic root. Because of the similarities between many of these surnames, some families are able to trace their ancestral history back to similar individuals even if they have slightly different spellings to their name.

Famous people with the name Thrower

  • Randall Thrower: Professional Football Player
  • Mychal Thrower: Co-founder of Pitchly
  • Tim Thrower: Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur
  • Ginger Thrower: American actress
  • Rocco Thrower: Professional Skateboarder
  • David Thrower: Former pro-football player
  • Stephan Thrower: English musician and sound engineer
  • Gordon Thrower: English footballer
  • Willie Thrower: Former National Football League quarterback
  • Fred Thrower: Former chairman of the TV Times
  • Jarvis Thrower: Professional Football Player
  • Dejon Thrower: Professional Basketball Player.

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