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Surname Tillemann - Meaning and Origin

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Tillemann: What does the surname Tillemann mean?

The last name Tillemann is of Germanic origin and is derived from the element "tiller," meaning "one who plows or cultivates." This surname originated in northern Germany, where the people of this area would often farm and maintain their land by means of using a tiller to ensure a successful harvest. Over time, this surname became associated with a particular family who valued hard work and dedication to their land.

The Tillemann surname is thought to be found primarily in Germany, but is also found in various parts of Europe, as well as in some parts of the United States. In Germany, the Tillemann surname is especially common in the North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse regions, as well as in certain parts of Bavaria. In the United States, the Tillemann surname is found mostly in Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and California.

The Tillemann name is often associated with various professions, such as farming, woodworking, baking, engineering, and construction. It is also associated with the field of medicine and is the last name of noted American healthcare policy expert Dr. Thomas Tillemann.

Overall, the last name Tillemann carries a rich history and a strong link to the land. It is a meaningful reminder of the hard work and dedication of generations past, and a symbol of the lasting legacy of those who cultivated the land.

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Tillemann: Where does the name Tillemann come from?

The last name Tillemann is most commonly found in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In Germany, it is most territory concentrated in the former East Prussia. In Austria, it is prevalent in Vienna. In Switzerland, the surname is popular mainly in the Canton of Zurich and in the Grisons.

The last name Tillemann can also be found associated with Germanic areas of Europe. Cologne and Reutlingen, two cities in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg, have high concentrations of the Tillemann surname.

In the United States, the last name Tillemann is comparatively rare. It can be found primarily in Minnesota, Michigan, and Texas, all of which boast larger German-American populations. The name is also found in the states of Utah, Iowa, and Nebraska, as well as other areas across the country.

Out of all regions, the highest proportions of the Tillemann surname are in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. This is likely due to the fact that the name dates back to antiquity before the concept of nations as we know them today even existed. It is likely that some of the original carriers of this surname migrated to the U.S. and other parts of the world in modern history.

All in all, the Tillemann last name is still popular in its areas of origin. Its spread into other parts of the world is comparatively mild, as its history and reputation primarily remain rooted in its Germanic past.

Variations of the surname Tillemann

The surname Tillemann is of German origin and may be spelled in various ways, including Tillman, Tilton, Tilman, and Tyllman. Alternate spellings are also on record, such as Tilleman, Tillemen, Tilmane, Tilmanne and Tyllmane.

Tillemann is derived from the Germanic personal name Tilman or Tillo, which was used by the Normans and was popular in Holland and Germany. The name is a combination of two Old German elements - 'til' meaning people and 'mann' which means man.

The name can also be encountered in the form of Tilmanns, which is an occupational name deriving from the Old German for 'servant of the people'. Other variants are Tilmans, Tilmanns, Tilmansen, and Tillmann.

The title 'von Tillemann' has also been found in records from Germany and The Netherlands. This suggests that the surname originated with a noble or aristocratic family, deriving from a nickname for a distinguished or powerful individual. The form of 'von' is also seen in Tillman, Tilman, and Tilton.

In the United States, the spelling 'Tillman' is the most common. Any variants were likely adjusted when English speakers transcribed the name to make it more relatable and easier to pronounce. Other surnames associated with Tillemann are Tillen, Tillson, and Tilloson, as many families adopted the variation to differentiate themselves.

Other surnames that derived from Tillemann include Tillerson, Tyllman, Tilson, and Tyllison. Some regional variations of the same root may also include Tilleman, Tillman, Tylman, Tilmant and Tilmont.

It's important to note that many of the variants of Tillemann are linked to a particular country or region, as these often changed over time. This means that some families may have adopted a variation which is no longer commonly used.

Famous people with the name Tillemann

  • Wil Tillemann: Actor, writer and producer.
  • Clifford Tillemann: American yachtsman known for his sailing achievements.
  • Ellen C. Tillemann: Environmental, food and agricultural policy leader who served on the National Commission on Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • Dr. Thomas Tillemann: U.S. deputy secretary of state who served in the Obama administration.
  • Elouise Cobell: Prominent Native American rights activist whose given name was Elouise Tillemann-Dick.
  • Gebhard A. Tillemann: former mayor of Kleinburg, Ontario.
  • Paul Tillemann: Technology entrepreneur and venture capitalist.
  • Dorothea Tillemann-Dick: Andersonville National Historic Site's first-ever site supervisor who served from 1971-1982.
  • Janice Tillemann: International banker and climate change strategist.
  • Edwin Tillemann: Interior designer and professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
  • Eric Tillemann: Musician and songwriter who has written for television and films.
  • H. Dieter Tillemann: Major general in the United States Air Force.

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