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Surname Tomale - Meaning and Origin

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Tomale: What does the surname Tomale mean?

The last name Tomale is of Spanish origin and is thought to have been derived from the Latin word tomeus, meaning "to cut, divide or cut off". The name is likely to have referred to an ancestor who specialized in dividing estates or allotments amongst heirs of a family. It is likely that this ancestor was a land-divider, tax-collector, or some other type of administrator.

Tomale is also a type of corn-based dish found in southwestern and Latin American cuisine. It is a thick, oval-shaped tamal filled with a mixture of vegetables, meat, chili pepper, and other ingredients. The dish can be wrapped in a corn husk or banana leaf and steamed, baked, or boiled.

It is possible that the last name Tomale is taken from the term tomalo, a Spanish word meaning “take it”. This could have been used to describe an individual who was highly adept at taking a particular opportunity when it arose.

In recent years, the Tomale surname has become increasingly popular across North America, due to a growing community of Latin American immigrants. Whether the name’s origin is related to the land-divider, tomalo, or the tasty dish, the name Tomale continues to have a positive connotation and is a proud reminder of the Latin American community’s culture and heritage.

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Tomale: Where does the name Tomale come from?

The last name Tomale is most commonly found among ethnic Filipino populations today. It is of Spanish origin and is derived from the term "tomate," which means "tomato" in Spanish. The family name is sometimes also spelled as Tomall or Tomayle.

In the Philippines, the Tomales are quite visible in the cities of Manila, Iloilo, and Bacolod. In Manila, they can be found in the district of Tondo, a densely populated neighborhood known for its vibrant and eclectic blend of Filipino culture.

The Tomales are also scattered throughout other parts of the country, especially in the southern region of Mindanao. They are also found in some parts of the Middle East among the migrant Filipino population.

In the U.S., the Tomales are particularly concentrated in the state of California, especially in the greater Los Angeles area. As a testament to their Filipino roots, many of the Tomales in the United States speak Tagalog as their primary language.

It is likely that the number of Tomales will continue to grow in the near future as they become more established in the global Filipino diaspora. As citizens of the world, their legacy is one of many relevant stories of cultural integration and continual migration.

Variations of the surname Tomale

The surname Tomale is most likely of Spanish origin and can be spelled in many different ways. The most common variants include Tomalee, Tomele, Tomales, Tomelez, Tomaley, Tomalle, and Tomally. In some cases, the 'o' from the original spelling may be replaced with another vowel, such as Tomalee, Toolee, Toomelee, Toomalay, Toomalle, or Toomally.

Tomale may also be a variation of the surname Tomaria. Tomaria is another Spanish surname with the same origin and is commonly spelled as Tomaría, Tomaría, Toomaria, dentally Toomaree. The latter variant of the surname is sometimes also spelled with an 'a' at the end, as Toomariaa or Tomariaa.

Additional variants of the surname include Tomalis, Toomalis, Tomelez, Toomills, Tomales, Toomales, Tomende, Tomalés, Tomelis, Tomeliz, Tomella, Tomette, Tomil, Tomill, Tomé, Tomely, Tomer, Tomerio, and Tomero.

Different nationalities and cultures may also have different surnames that are derived from Tomale. For example, in Portugal, the surname is sometimes spelled as Tomaleo or Tomalo. In France, the spelling of Tomale may vary into Pasteeles or Pasteles. In Germany, the corresponding surname is Tomel.

Finally, for those of Mexican descent, the surname Tomale may vary into Tomas, Tomal, Tomalin, Tomallino, Tomelino, Tomorales, Tomillero, Tomillón, Tomiste, Augustin, or Tomás.

Famous people with the name Tomale

  • Moira Tomale: Filipino actress, singer, and model
  • Anthony Tomale: an American former college basketball player
  • Dominique Tomale: French snowboarder and Olympic hopeful
  • Christopher Renz Tomale: a Filipino film and television actor
  • Martin Tomale: Filipino world chess champion
  • Jared Tomale: an American professional baseball player
  • Mike Tomale: an American professional baseball scout and former player
  • Frank Tomale: an American professional soccer player
  • Edward Tomale: an American professional basketball player and coach
  • Paul Tomale: an American professional golfer
  • Vic Tomale: an American former professional football player
  • Nikki Tomale: an American professional soccer player
  • LJ Tomale: a Filipino actor, singer, and dancer
  • Ron Tomale: a Filipino musician and former concert promoter
  • Louie Tomale: an American professional basketball player and coach
  • Gina Tomale: a Filipino singer and entrepreneur
  • Adrian Tomale: a Filipino singer and actor
  • Jewel Tomale: a Filipino singer, actress, and songwriter
  • Hazel Tomale: a Filipino singer and actress
  • Don Raymond Tomale: a Filipino television host and actor

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