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Surname Trego - Meaning and Origin

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Trego: What does the surname Trego mean?

The surname Trego is of Cornish origin and is primarily associated with the region of Cornwall in the southwest of England. The name is derived from the Cornish term "tre go", which means "dweller at the small homestead". The term “tre” is used to denote a settlement or homestead in Cornish, while “go” is a diminutive suffix, indicating something small. Therefore, the surname Trego can be taken to refer to someone who lived in or originated from a small homestead or settlement. As a geographical surname, it would have initially served to identify individuals based on their place of residence or birth. The name Trego is quite rare, reflecting the relatively small population and isolated nature of Cornwall throughout history. As with all surnames, specific meanings and origins may vary among individuals and families carrying this name due to the wide-ranging and complex nature of surnames origin and evolution over time.

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Trego: Where does the name Trego come from?

The surname Trego is found mainly in the United States. It is an Americanized variant of a German surname, Tregenhoff, which derives from a placename near Genthin in Brandenburg, Germany. The Trego family name is most common in the midwest, particularly Kansas, where it is the 203rd most popular name. It is also popular in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin. In Canada, the family name is most popular in the province of Ontario.

The Trego surname is an example of an Americanization of a Continental European name. When immigrants from German-speaking countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland came to the United States they often Americanized their names in some way. Trego is a good example of this process.

Trego is still a popular surname today. According to the 2020 United States Census, there are over 8,100 people with the surname Trego in the United States. In addition, more than 1,000 people have the last name in Canada, making it one of the most common surnames in both countries.

The surname Trego has many variant spellings, including Treagle, Treger, Tregle, Tregley, and Tregoe. This speaks to the fact that spellings of surnames often changed during the immigration process when immigrants arrived in the United States. People with the Trego surname today who can trace back to either a German or American ancestor are likely to have the surname in some variant form.

Variations of the surname Trego

The surname Trego has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The most common variant is Tregoe. Other variants of Trego include: Tregge, Tregoue, Tregue, Treguee, Treagoe, Tregueow, and Treagow. Other spellings of the surname include: Trego, Targo, Trigo, Trigoe, Trege, Tregou, and Trigou.

Surnames derived from the same origin as Trego include: Treego, Treegy, Treagow, Treagoe, Triggo, Trigou, Tregow, Tregoe, Trigoe, and Trigo. These surnames have either been derived from or have roots in the old English words meaning “tree” or “wood”.

The Trego surname is believed to have originated from an old English word meaning “treetop” or “glade”. It is thought to have originated in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England in the mid-13th century. The earliest records of the surname date back to 1315, where the surname was recorded as Tregos.

The spelling of the surname has since evolved through the centuries. Today, all of these variants, spellings, and surnames can be found in various parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Famous people with the name Trego

  • Robert Trego: Former Major League baseball player
  • Mary Trego: Actress, cinematographer, and assistant director
  • Charmaine Trego: Voice Actor from Puerto Rico
  • Charles Trego: Former NFL player
  • Margaret Trego: American architect and archeologist.
  • Elliott Trego: Poet and artist
  • David Trego: American soccer goalkeeper
  • J. Howard Trego: U.S. Marshall
  • Todd Trego: Wrestler and high school teacher
  • Stan Trego: Baseball Coach
  • John Trego: Musician
  • Robert E. Trego: American political scientist and professor
  • John C. Trego: US Congressman
  • Keith Trego: Stand-up comedian and radio personality
  • Martha Trego: Actress
  • Robert W. Trego: Professor of philosophy
  • Richard Trego: Auto racer and president of the Trego Racing Club
  • Jennifer Trego: American film and television actress
  • Christa Trego: Professional figure skater
  • Reba Trego: Hair artist and former television presenter
  • Joseph Trego: Politician and Union Civil War Officer

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