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Surname Tremble - Meaning and Origin

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Tremble: What does the surname Tremble mean?

The last name Tremble is of French origin and is derived from the old French word "trembler" which means to tremble or to shake. The surname was often used as a nickname in medieval times to describe an individual who was timid, easily frightened, or possibly prone to shaking or trembling. It should be noted that nicknames in ancient days were ascribed to people based on their character traits, physical attributes, or even the kind of work they did. This name may also have been a topographic name for someone who lived by an aspen tree, a tree known to 'tremble' even when there is minimal wind. Thus, the surname Tremble reflects the use of geographical references in classic naming practices as well. Over time, variations of spelling due to regional dialects and pronunciations have resulted in multiple versions of the name, including Trembley, Tremblay, and de Tremble. This surname is prevalent in French-speaking regions, most notably in France and Canada.

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Tremble: Where does the name Tremble come from?

The last name Tremble has a few variations, including Trembleau, Trimble, and Trembley. It originated in France, first appearing in the 12th century with the Latin surname Trembla. The name spread to other countries in Europe during the Middle Ages, with variations being borrowed to fit native languages.

Today, the last name Tremble is common throughout Germany, England, France, Canada, and the United States. In Germany, it is the 62nd most common surname, with roughly 3,000 individuals who claim it as their last name. In England, it ranks 178th with approximately 1,500 individuals having the last name. In France, it ranks 369th in popularity, with approximately 1,000 individuals bearing the name. In Canada, it is the 502nd most common surname, with approximately 500 people holding the last name. In the United States, it ranks 781st in popularity, with slightly more than 300 individuals having the last name.

The most common current spelling of the last name is Trimble, which is derived from the French trembleau. Variations of the last name today include Tremble, Trembley, and Trembles. The last name is especially common in the British Isles, where it originated.

Variations of the surname Tremble

The surname Tremble can have different variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The French surname Tremble has a variety of origins, ranging from an occupational name for a trebbler or a traveller to a nickname for someone who was timid or pale— someone who “trembled” when approached.

Tremble is most commonly spelled as Tremble, but there may also be variants such as Tremblay, Trambley, Trembley, Tremblaye, Tramble, and Tremblau.

The various spellings of the Tremble surname can be traced to different parts of France. In northern France, the family name may originate from Old French "tremble", from the Latin tremulus, meaning "trembling". The name is common in Normandy and Brittany where it was carried north by immigrants.

The Tremble name may also be of French-Canadian origin, coming from a line of immigrants who had come over from the Province of Quebec in the mid-1800s. It was most commonly found in Quebec.

The Tremble family name may also have a more Germanic origin, coming from the Old Germanic “trammel”, which was used to describe people who were frightened and pale.

Regardless of its origin, the spelling and variants of the surname Tremble are quite varied. Although all variants of the surname are derived from rule French “tremble”, how and where they were used and adapted have produced a variety of spellings and surnames including Tremble, Tremblay, Trambley, Trembley, Tremblaye, Tramble, and Tremblau.

Famous people with the name Tremble

  • Paul Tremble: An American actor, writer, producer, and stand-up comedian best known for his work on Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and How I Met Your Mother.
  • David Tremble: An American professional football player who played in the NFL for 10 seasons as a linebacker.
  • Kasey Tremble: An American actress and singer best known for her roles in television shows such as The O.C. and 90210.
  • Jason Tremble: A Canadian actor best known for his roles in films such as The Soft Kill and Cruel & Unusual.
  • Floyd Tremble: An award winning Canadian film director, actor, and writer.
  • Joe Tremble: An English footballer who played in the Conference Premier and Isthmian League Premier Division.
  • Rachel Tremble: A British television presenter and journalist who has worked for BBC News and ABC News.
  • Joe Jae Tremble: An American musician, singer, and songwriter who has released two studio albums.
  • Mariah Tremble: A Canadian author and freelance writer.
  • Mike Tremble: An American former professional basketball player who played University of Utah before going on to the NBA.

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