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Surname Tribble - Meaning and Origin

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X. Tribble

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Tribble: What does the surname Tribble mean?

The last name Tribble is thought to be a habitational name. It likely originated from several locations in England and Scotland that have slight variations of the name, such as Tribals, Tribul, and Trebble. These place names are derived from the Old English “treble”, meaning “three”. Other associations with the name include the Irish Gaelic “treabhail”, a word which means “a place where the grass is long”.

The earliest recorded Tribble ancestor is John Tribole, recorded in 1227. The name is most likely of Norman origin, as it appears in Normandy in 1166 and in the records of England shortly after the Norman conquest of 1066. It appears to be an occupational name, meaning one who worked the land with a plough.

Throughout the centuries, the Tribble name has spread throughout England and the world as Tribbles migrated and settled in different parts of the world. Today, Tribbles can be found in Germany, Canada, and the United States.

The name Tribble means “a position of power”, likely referring to the ability of those bearing the name to rise through the ranks and become successful in whatever profession they chose. This could be seen in the gross success of the eighteenth century Tribbles, who went on to become some of the richest men in England at the time.

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Tribble: Where does the name Tribble come from?

The last name Tribble is most commonly found in the United States. It is an uncommon surname with only 1,564 people in the US bearing the Tribble last name, according to the 2000 Census.

The Tribble last name is typically found in areas with larger concentrations of African-American descendants. The highest concentration of Tribble’s is found in South Carolina with 726 individuals according to the US Census Bureau. Additionally, there are also notable populations in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, and Delaware.

It is believed that the Tribble last name is a variation of the Dunstable surname, which is of English origin. The original family was believed to have emigrated from England to North America in the 17th century.

Today, the Tribble last name is still common in the South. Tribbles are also distantly related to the Muderg and Duggal families, which have similar origins in England. The Tribble family has inbred in the United States and has several distinct branches around the US. Today, the Tribble family is diverse, with members living in various parts of the US, from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Variations of the surname Tribble

The surname Tribble can have several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These variants include: Tribbel, Tribbell, Tribblee, Tribblet, Tribbet, Treble, Trebelle, Trilby, Trybel, Tryball, Trubble and Trybell.

The surname Tribble originated from Middle English and Yorkshire, the region in which the Tribble family are thought to have originated from. Through successive generations, the surname has evolved over time to include subtle variations of spelling and surnames.

The surname Tribble is historically associated with the northern county of Yorkshire. A family bearing the name is recorded in the Yorkshire Poll Tax rolls for 1379. Variants of this surname have been found all over the British Isles.

Additional spellings could have been adopted due to dialectical pronunciation and variations in spelling of various languages spoken in the region. This can account for various spellings of the same name, including Tribbel, Tribbell, Tribblee, Tribblet, Tribbet, Treble, Trebelle, Trilby, Trybel, Tryball, Trubble and Trybell.

The Tribble surname can still be found in Yorkshire and other parts of the UK.

Famous people with the name Tribble

  • Tyler Tribble: Former NFL cornerback
  • Robbie Tribble: Hollywood actor
  • Jonathan Tribble: College professor and author
  • Cody Tribble: Professional golfer
  • Tess Tribble: Musician and lead singer of the band The Oh Wells
  • Vic Tribble: Host of “That Sports Show” on Fox
  • Tasha Tribble: Professional wrestler
  • Pam Tribble: Lead writer of “Paramount Weekly”
  • Myles Tribble: Professional snowboarder
  • Mila Tribble: Professional dancer and reality TV star

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