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Surname Triplett - Meaning and Origin

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V. Triplett

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Triplett: What does the surname Triplett mean?

The last name Triplett is of Anglo-Saxon origin and can be traced back to ancient times in Great Britain. The term "Triplet" is derived from the word "Tripp," which was an occupational name for a dancer, acrobat, or performer, combined with the diminutive suffix "et," suggesting "little" or "small." Thus, the literal meaning could be interpreted as "a small or young performer." Another possible explanation could be related to multiples or three of something, referring to triplets in a family. However, it should be noted that surname meanings can be speculative as surnames were often adapted and changed over centuries for numerous reasons, ranging from occupation, geographical location, or father's name (patronymics). Therefore, while the name can provide some historical or etymological insights, it doesn’t necessarily define any specific characteristic about the individuals carrying the last name today.

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Triplett: Where does the name Triplett come from?

The last name Triplett is common in the United States of America. It is not as common as some last names, but it is still reasonably widespread. Most people with the Triplett last name will be found in the southern United States, particularly in the states of Virginia, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Arkansas. This is most likely due to the fact that the surname was originally prominent in the American south primarily, when the Triplett ancestors first arrived in the New World.

Additionally, there are people with this surname in many states across America, from Pennsylvania to California, and from Maine to Texas. It is also seen in parts of Canada, the UK, and various other countries across the world. There are also a number of variations to the Triplett surname, such as Tribett and Tribble, which further suggests the increased prevalence of this name across different regions.

Overall, the Triplett name is still reasonably common, though it has seen a decrease in usage over time. Its aspect as a southern U.S. surname has been its key defining factor in terms of its geographical distribution due to its history in the American south.

Variations of the surname Triplett

The surname Triplett is an Anglo-Saxon name, derived from the Old French pre 7th century “triplet”, meaning “one of three”. Over time, the surname has been adopted in many spellings and variants.

The most common variants of the surname Triplett are Tribblet, Trillpett, Tripett, Troplett, Treblett, Tripplett, Trublet, Tryplett and Tribblett.

The most common spelling of the Triplett surname is with the double “t” at the end. However, some families prefer to spell the name with a single “t” at the end, such as Triplet, Triblet, Trillet, Trillpet and Triplete.

Other common spellings include Triplitt, Tripplet, Trublett,Trebillet, Tripplitt, Trubelt, Trobelle, Trebillette, Tribble and Trebbett.

The Scottish form of the surname Triplett is Tribeth.

Some other surnames with the same origin as Triplett are Turpett, Terrell, Tapping, Druplett, Diplett and Diplet.

As with many surname variations, there is no single correct spelling for the Triplett surname. Through the centuries, spellings and variants of the same name have changed depending on region, language, and even time period.

Famous people with the name Triplett

  • Robert Triplett: A former professional American football player who played three seasons in the National Football League (NFL) as a running back and wide receiver.
  • Walt Triplett: A former professional American football player and coach, he played in the NFL as an offensive guard and was a coach with the Baltimore Colts.
  • Doug Triplett: A professional American football player as a wide receiver, playing one season in the NFL.
  • Patrick Triplett: Former professional American football offensive lineman.
  • Richard Triplett: Former professional baseball player.
  • George Triplett: Retired American professional heavyweight boxer.
  • Joe Triplett: American football coach and former player.
  • Calen Triplett: Former American football player and coach.
  • William Triplett: American entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author.
  • Jeff Triplett: American musician in the band As I Lay Dying.
  • Bob Triplett: American professional basketball player.
  • Josh Triplett: Software engineer and former president of the Free Software Foundation.
  • JD Triplett: American professional wrestler.
  • Raymond Triplett: American actor best known for his role in The Cowboys (1972).
  • Jason Triplett: American actor and director.
  • Paul Triplett: Retired American professional athlete.

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from mark triplett of yorbalinda ca. 92886. the triplett name is common in tennesee. my parrents moved to michigan after ww2 for employment. i was born in 1947. served in viet nam with us marines in 967. survived it with no wounds. i have 2 sons and one grand child with the last name of triplett. aoso there are triplett in australia too. thanks mark triplett

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