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Surname Trogden - Meaning and Origin

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Trogden: What does the surname Trogden mean?

The last name Trogden is of English origin, and means ‘valley in the trees’. The name is likely derived from the Old English words ‘treow’ meaning ‘tree’ and ‘denu’ meaning ‘valley’. It is likely that this surname came about due to a family or person living in a valley surrounded by trees.

The name is quite common in some areas of England, particularly in Surrey, although there are also a few holders of the name in Scotland. The first known record of the surname was in 1263 when a John Treghdene of Wiltshire is recorded in the Wiltshire Subsidy Rolls, indicating that it had been in use for some time.

Trogden is also used as a place name; there is a village in Northwood, Kent called Troyden and another in Birtley, South Tyneside. The name is also popular as a first name, particularly in the United States.

To this day, the Trogden family name can be found around the world, a testament to how it has stuck around and spread from its home in England. Although the original meaning of the name may be lost in time, its legacy as an enduring last name remains.

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Trogden: Where does the name Trogden come from?

The Trogden surname is commonly found in the United States and United Kingdom today. It is believed to have originated in England and is derived from either the Old Norse name Thorgrimm, meaning Thor's anger, or as an Anglicized form of the Norman name Tronchin.

The Trogden family has had a presence in the United Kingdom for centuries, first appearing in historical records in the mid-14th century. The earliest solid evidence of the family’s presence in the United States can be traced back to colonial Virginia, where several noted early settlers from England first established their roots.

In the United States, the Trogden name is still common in states such as Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. In all three states, records indicate a significant number of Trogdens appearing on the earliest land owner lists, marriage records, and church records. In recent years, many of the Trogdens that remain in these states have migrated towards the western part of the country, making their presence in California, Utah, and Arizona.

Trogden is also common in several other areas around the world, particularly Australia and New Zealand, where numerous transplants from England, Wales, and Scotland have established the name. However, the vast majority of Trogdens can be found in the United States and United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname Trogden

The surname Trogden is derived from an English place name located near Bury St. Edmunds, England. It could also be a habitational surname derived from locations in Cambridge, Huntingdon and North Carolina. The variants and spelling for this surname are Trogdan, Tregade, Trodgen, Trogdon, Trogdun, Trogdanne, Trodden and Triggden.

Variations of the Tribune surname likely occurred in America due to settler migration from England. One variant seen in certain parts of the United States is Tredway and Tredwyn. It is thought that different spellings of Trogden may have been used in order to differentiate between the English and America spellings of the surname.

Other related surnames include Traudon, Traugott, Traugott, Trotton, and the Swedish variations Throadsen and Throsten. It is also possible that the surname is linked to the word 'trod', which refers to an ancient path or highway.

The False-Name Index (FNI) of the Migration Institute lists the following surnames with the same origin as Trogden: Talbott, Traytens, Treadwell, Trester, Trollinger, Trulove, Trotter, Trottman and Trull.

Therefore, Trogden is a surname that has many variants and spellings which are indicative of its English and American roots. Its variants are reflective of different spellings throughout the years as the family name was passed down through the generations. As such, Trogden is an interesting surname that can be explored through research and documentation.

Famous people with the name Trogden

  • Dave Trogden: stand-up comedian, actor, and podcast host.
  • Travis Trogden: former NFL quarterback.
  • Sarah Trogden: TV actress.
  • Mel Trogden: musician, composer, and conductor.
  • Valerie Trogden: artist, painter, and sculptor.
  • Cody Trogden: professional skateboarder and YouTube star.
  • Jack Trogden: Olympic gold medalist in track and field.
  • Ed Trogden: former Major League Baseball pitcher.
  • Jodie Trogden: children's author and illustrator.
  • Nan Trogden: Grammy award-winning bluegrass singer and songwriter.

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