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Surname Überfeld - Meaning and Origin

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Überfeld: What does the surname Überfeld mean?

The surname Überfeld is of Germanic origins and is derived from the word 'uber' meaning 'above'. This indicates that the original bearer of the name was a person who lived "above" a field - most likely a tenant farmer in a medieval village. It is also likely that they belonged to a higher social class because of their landholdings, and were likely of a more well-to-do standing than the field workers around them.

The name Überfeld is most common in northern Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria, and is also found in Latin America due to German immigration. Some variants of the name include Oeverfeld, Oeberfeld, Oberfeld, Overfield, and Ueberfeld.

The name Überfeld is often associated with skilled tradesmen such as masons, stonecutters, architects, or builders, as well as with farmers and other members of the agricultural community. This is due to the fact that the Überfeld surname was often handed down from father to son, and so many generations of Überfelds likely had occupations that were closely tied to the land.

The Überfelds may also have been involved in the tong wars which raged in German cities such as Berlin and Hamburg during the late 1800s. This was a period of fierce rivalry between various organizations in the areas around these cities, and the Überfelds were likely involved on their side.

Overall, the surname Überfeld has a long and varied history. It is most closely associated with skilled trades as well as agriculture and landholding, but may also have been involved in less salubrious activities.

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Überfeld: Where does the name Überfeld come from?

The last name Überfeld is most commonly found in Germany today. Research suggests that the Überfelds used to be widely spread all over Germany before they moved to other countries such as the US and Canada.

The name is an occupational name derived from the German verb überfahren which means to cross over or traverse. This suggests that the original Überfelds may have been experts in transportation or associated occupations, such as wagon masters or wagon makers.

The name spread out internationally largely as a result of Germans immigrating to the US, Australia and the UK. Today, the last name Überfeld is one of the more common German surnames in the US, appearing in the most northern states of Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin. In Canada, the name is particularly popular in Ontario.

Although the estimated number of people worldwide bearing this surname is not especially high, the name remains relatively common in certain areas and is likely to continue to remain in the public consciousness for many years to come.

Variations of the surname Überfeld

The surname Überfeld has several spelling variations and alternate surnames of the same origin. An overview of these variants include:

Uberfels, Uberfeil, Ueberfels, Ueberfeil, Ueberfeld, Ouberfels, Ouberfeil, Oeberfels, Oeberfeil, Oeberfeld, Oberfels, Oberfeil, Ueberfel, Ueberfil, Oberfel, Oberfil, Oeberfel, Oeberfil, Ueberfele, Oeberfele, Oberfele.

A common variant of the Überfeld surname is Uberfels. This spelling is of German origin and was derived from the name of the town of Oberfel, located in the Franconia region of northern Bavaria. The name likely originates from the Middle High German words "ober" (above) and "feld" (field). In the English language, this type of name is referred to as a "topographical surname," which refers to the geographical features that a family lived near or worked the land of.

The name Überfeld is also related to surnames such as Uberfeil, Ueberfels, Ueberfeil, Ouberfels, Ouberfeil, Oeberfels, Oeberfeil, Oberfels, and Oberfeil — all of which are German variants for the same name. These regional variants are most often found in areas such as the German state of Bavaria, as well as within the borders of Austria and Switzerland.

The surname Ueberfel, Ueberfil, Oberfel, Oberfil, Oeberfel, and Oeberfil are related variants, with the letter "o" in the prefix being replaced by an "ue" as was characteristic in some regional dialects. The names Ueberfele and Oeberfele are also variants based on the same origin.

In all, the surname Überfeld has been widely spread throughout Europe with many regional variants. Its usage is also found in areas populated by German-speaking persons or those who emigrated from these areas.

Famous people with the name Überfeld

  • Dr Frieder Überfeld: a German orthopaedic specialist who recently wrote a book about the condition of the shoulder
  • Joachim Überfeld: a German composer, conductor and music director
  • Dr Maximilian Überfeld: an Austrian surgeon who specialised in musculoskeletal disorders and helminthology
  • Paul Überfeld: an American diplomat and former US ambassador to Ireland
  • Felix Überfeld: an Austrian botanist who has worked extensively on orchidaceae
  • Ulrich Überfeld: a German lawyer and former state secretary at the federal ministry of justice
  • Willi Überfeld: a former professional German footballer who played in the 1950s
  • Günther Überfeld: a German classical music composer and musicologist
  • Ulrike Überfeld: a German sociologist and professor emeritus at the University of Hagen
  • Hanne Überfeld: a German stage and film actress who has been widely praised for her roles in various films and plays.

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