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Surname Vaclavikova - Meaning and Origin

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Vaclavikova: What does the surname Vaclavikova mean?

The last name Vaclavikova is of Slavic origin and is derived from the first name Václav. This is the Czech form of the name Wenceslas, which is derived from the Slavic elements “vc”, meaning "glory", and “slav”, meaning “glory” or “fame”. The name Vaclavikova is a patronymic, meaning it appears as a surname derived from a father’s given name. In Czech, the suffix “ova” generally indicates a female surname, so if the father’s name is Václav, then the daughter’s male surname would be Vaclavik.

By extension, Vaclavikova is the female form of the name, and would generally indicate a female descendant of Václav. It is often found in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The name can also be spelled with different variations such as Vaclavíkova and Václavíková.

The overall meaning of the name reflects the great importance of family in the Czech culture, as the presence of the suffix “ova” indicates that it is attuning to the value placed upon family and lineage in the region. The combination of the two Slavic elements in the name expresses an intention to aspire towards the greatness associated with a name, as well as to express love and admiration for the family that is referenced in the name.

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Vaclavikova: Where does the name Vaclavikova come from?

The last name Vaclavikova is most common today in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the surrounding regions. It is thought to have Slavic origins, and is thought to have first originated in the Czech lands in the early 1700s. It is also very common in Russia, where it was taken by immigrants from Central Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The surname Vaclavikova is quite common among Slavic-speaking people, particularly those of Czech and Slovak descent. It is often spelled with a “v” instead of a “w”, which can cause confusion when researching its origins. The surname is often found in local newspapers, as well as in official documents such as obituaries and church records.

The surname can be found in some parts of the United States, including its largest concentrations being in Pennsylvania and New York. It is also quite common in parts of Canada, with a large concentration of Vaclavikovas living in Ontario.

Whether someone with the last name Vaclavikova is Czech or Slovak typically depends on what language the person speaks, rather than the name itself. It is often used as a patronymic surname – an indication of who the father of the family was or it can represent profession or status. There are also some noble families that use Vaclavikova as their surname.

Variations of the surname Vaclavikova

Vaclavikova is a Czech surname of Slavic origin. Its variants are Vaclavíková, Vaclavík, Vaclavík and Vaclavik. It can also be spelled as Václavíková, Václavík, Václavík, Václavik, and Václavik. Historians believe that variants of this surname refer to a profession of individuals who were saddlers or saddler craftsmen.

The Ukrainian version of this name is Vaclavik, while the Slovak spelling is Václavik. In the Latin language, it is written as Vaclavikus or Vaclavicus. Its variants in other European regions include Vaclaviczky, Vaclaviczky, Vaclaviczky, Václaviczky, Vaclavica, Václavica, Vaclavický, Václavický, Vaclavik, Václavik and Vaclavinski.

In Slovenia, the surname is usually spelled as Václavík and Vaclavík, while in Croatia it could be written as Vaclavik, Václavík or Vaclavicky. In Slavic countries, common surnames derived from this surname are Vaclavovic, Vacavik, Vaclavek, Vaclavik, Vaclavec, Vaclavka, and Vaclavova.

The Croatian surname Vaclavik also has the same origin and is sometimes spelled as Václavik. Its variants include Vatslavik, Vašlavík, and Vacelnik. In former Yugoslavia, there is also a surname known as Vaclavic which has the same origin. It is derived from a common Slavic root and is pronounced "va-T(s)LAV(i)C".

In some Slavic countries, the same root is also used for other surnames such as Zvaclavic, Samaclavic, Kraviclavic, Maraclavic, Trnavaclavic, and Plavcic. Additionally, there are also variant spellings Valavic, Vaclavcic, Vaclicek, Vacluvka, and Vatslavek.

Famous people with the name Vaclavikova

  • Jana Vaclavikova: Czech actress and model.
  • Svetlana Vaclavikova: Russian ski jumper.
  • Valdemar Vaclavikova: Luxembourg swimmer.
  • Chris Vaclavikova: Slovak model and TV presenter.
  • Miroslava Vaclavikova: Czech actress and author.
  • Ivana Vaclavikova: Slovak singer and model.
  • Katerina Vaclavikova: Czech former volleyball player.
  • Jana Vaclavikova-Schmid: Czech alpine skier.
  • Drahomira Vaclavikova: Czech actress and model.
  • Klara Vaclavikova: Czech professional athlete specializing in mountain biking.

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