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Surname Vacula - Meaning and Origin

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Vacula: What does the surname Vacula mean?

The surname Vacula is of Slovenian origin and is derived from the term ‘vac’ meaning ‘empty’ or ‘vacant.’ In some cases, the surname was also adopted by people living in areas with no known origin for the name.

The earliest recorded use of this surname dates back to the mid-1800s when the Vacula family migrated from the Carpathian mountains in eastern Slovakia to Chicago, Illinois. The name spread and was also adopted by families living in the surrounding areas of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Vacula is an occupational name, indicating that the original bearers of the surname were likely involved in the various trades associated with the land, such as farming or gathering wild fruit. As a result, the idea of being empty or vacant may also have been related to having plenty of land or resources to work with.

Although not as common today, the Vacula surname is still used in many places around the world. It can be found in records of people living in the United States, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and even England. Vacula has become a part of many people's lives and continues to be shared and adapted to fit within different cultures.

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Vacula: Where does the name Vacula come from?

The Vacula surname is most commonly found today in Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, and other Eastern European countries. It may also be found in parts of Russia and Belarus. This surname is thought to have originated from Old Slavic words meaning "high" or "slope".

The surname Vacula is considered to be a patronymic surname, as it is derived from the given name Vacula. This name has many variations, including Vaculík, Vaclák, Váska, and Vaskovics. The given name Vacula itself is thought to have been derived from the Slavic god Veles, and possibly from the Latin word Vacuus, meaning "empty".

Vacula is a popular surname in modern-day Poland, where it is the 514th most common surname. In Slovakia, it is slightly less popular, ranking 1450th most popular. In Ukraine it is the 673rd most common surname. It is also common in Belarus, where it ranks 416th in popularity.

The Vacula surname is still used today, and is quite common in many Eastern European countries. It continues to be used by generations of Vaculas in these countries, who proudly carry their family name.

Variations of the surname Vacula

The surname Vacula is of East European and Slavic origin and is often spelled in a variety of ways, including Waclaw, Vaclaw and Wacla. It is also commonly found with various endings: -ski, -ska, -vic, -vif, -vich, and -vy.

The surname Vacula is sometimes spelled with an accent on the first vowel so it looks like Václav. This spelling is mostly used in Czech Republic and Slovakia. In some countries, such as Ukraine, the same pronunciation is usually written as Vatslav (Вацлав).

In the United States, this surname is sometimes shortened to Wall. However, it is also sometimes associated with other surnames, such as Wald, Wachalski, Wachtel, Wakulski, Wecalus, Wakal and Wakalsky.

In some cases, the surname Vacula is also found as part of a longer surname. An example of this is the name Wachulowicz, which comes from the combination of the words for foreigner (wachula) and son of (owicz).

In some areas, the name Vacula has also been shortened to Val or Vally. This form of the surname is particularly common in Hungary and surrounding countries.

In conclusion, the various spellings and variations of the surname Vacula all point to a shared origin in East European and Slavic cultures.

Famous people with the name Vacula

  • Anton Vacula: Slovak professional football player.
  • Jakub Vacula: Czech glass artist.
  • Bojana Vacula: Serbian female basketball player.
  • Carol Vacula: American painter and sculptor.
  • Nicu Vacula: Romanian actor.
  • Don Vacula: American film director, producer and screenwriter.
  • Karel Vacula: Czech sculptor and professor of art.
  • Jan Vacula: Czech Silesian architect.
  • Tom Vacula: Slovak jazz musician.
  • Hadi Vacula: Iranian boxer.
  • Nathan Vacula: American guitarist.
  • Andrea Vacula: Croatian judoka.
  • Kalle Vacula: Finnish ice hockey player.
  • Pavla Vacula: Slovak slalom canoeist.
  • Eva Vacula: French fashion designer.

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