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Surname Valco - Meaning and Origin

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Valco: What does the surname Valco mean?

The surname Valco is of unknown meaning and origin. It appears to be relatively rare, and could possibly have roots in Eastern Europe or Italy. Like many surnames, Valco might have originated as a name representing geographical location, occupation, personal characteristics, or ancestor’s names. However, there doesn't seem to be any concrete or documented evidence on the origination or specific meaning of Valco. As it doesn't seem to be associated with a common word or profession in any of the countries where it might originate, it could possibly be derived from a personal nickname, an old topographic feature, or a modified version of a different last name. More precise information about its meaning would likely require a personalized genealogical research. Hereditary surnames started becoming a common practice in the 14th and 15th centuries, hence they usually reflect the popular languages and topographical features of those times.

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Valco: Where does the name Valco come from?

The surname Valco is most commonly found in Southern Europe, particularly in the countries of Italy, Croatia, and Greece. In Italy, the Valco family is found mainly in the region of Abruzzo in Central Italy, as well as along the Amalfi Coast and in the northern areas of Lombardy and Veneto. In Croatia, the surname is concentrated in the southern coastal regions of Dalmatia, especially in the region of Dubrovnik. In Greece, the surname is most commonly found on the islands of Crete, Rhodes, and Corfu.

Outside of Southern Europe, the surname Valco can be found in the United States, with roots tracing back to early Italian American immigrants from the turn of the nineteenth century. In particular, people with the surname Valco are most commonly found in the states of New York and California.

Additionally, the surname Valco is found within certain countries in South America, including Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, trust back to Italian immigrants in the early twentieth century. In Brazil, the Valco family is mainly comprised of people of Italian descent from the southern state of Santa Catarina.

Overall, the surname Valco is a common one today, mainly found in Southern Europe, the United States, and certain countries in South America, with likely roots traceable to Italian and Croatian immigrants of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Variations of the surname Valco

The surname Valco has several variations. In some cases, spelling variants can be used to determine the origin of the name.

The most common variant is Valco. Other spellings of the name include Valco, Valcoe, Valcoe, Valcow and Vaalco.

Valco can be derived from various places. It can be a habitational name derived from any of the various places called Valco in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. It could also be a variant of the French name Valcour which is derived from a place in the Ardennes region.

In some cases, the surname could also be derived from the Czech Valcov which is a topographic name for a person living in a valley, or from the Latin Valco meaning ‘high’.

Given the various origins of the surname, common surnames related to Valco are Valcour, Valcázar, Valcov, Valcova, Valcob, Valcez, Valcea, Valcova, Valcourte, Valcu, Valck, Valce.

Overall, the surname Valco has numerous variants, spellings and surnames that all originate from different sources and locations.

Famous people with the name Valco

  • Ransom Valco: Actor and voice-over artist.
  • Vivian Valco: Writer/Playwright/Screenwriter.
  • Stephen Valco: Poet, author, and editor.
  • Paul Valco: American professional golfer.
  • Alan Valco: Actor, director and voice-over artist.
  • Harley Valco: Professional football player and broadcaster.
  • Wendy Valco: Musician, singer and songwriter.
  • Darren Valco: Professional soccer player.
  • John Valco: American entrepreneur and builder.
  • Marco Valco: Italian footballer.
  • Madison Valco: Professional skydiver and BASE jumper.
  • Gabriella Valco: Professional figure skater.
  • Teddy Valco: Multimedia artist and designer.
  • Allen Valco: Electronic musician and producer.
  • Tania Valco: Actress and model.
  • Robert Valco: Actor, stand-up comedian and producer.
  • Todd Valco: Music producer and songwriter.
  • Jack Valco: Hollywood film and television editor.
  • Gary Valco: Businessman, author, and founder of several successful organizations.
  • Stephanie Valco: Model, actress, and business executive.

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