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Surname Valencia - Meaning and Origin

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D. Valencia

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Valencia: What does the surname Valencia mean?

Valencia is a Spanish surname of toponymic origin, meaning it is derived from a place name. In this case, it originates from the city of Valencia in Spain. Valencia itself means "strength" or "valour", taken from the Latin term "valentia". The city was named by the Romans during their conquest of the Iberian Peninsula. Given the historical movements of populations, a person with the last name Valencia may have ancestors who hailed from this city. As a surname, it may have been used to indicate that the person either lived in Valencia, came from Valencia, or had significant connections with Valencia. The surname has spread from Spain to other regions, particularly in Latin America, through colonization and migration. People with the Valencia surname can be found worldwide, but it is especially prevalent in Spanish-speaking countries.

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Valencia: Where does the name Valencia come from?

The last name Valencia is primarily found in Latin America. In particular, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador commonly have people with this surname. On a broader level, it is also found across other parts of the Americas, such as the U.S., where it is ranked among the 500 most common surnames in the nation. It is also found in Spain, where it is the forty-seventh most popular name, as well as being found in Portugal.

In terms of its beginnings, it is believed that Valencia derived from the name Valentinus, which is of Latin origin. The surname was often used to identify people of the same family lineage, particularly in Spain. As time went on, it slowly became a surname and is still used in its region of origin, as well as in other countries.

Throughout its history, the last name has been used in titles of royal families in Colombia and Spain. Many prominent figures have this last name, including Colombian artist Oswaldo Valencia and Rafael Valencia, a 19th-century Spanish general. Additionally, the Valencia family is especially prominent in Colombia, where they have had various successful business operations and other places in the country.

Today, one can find the last name Valencia in many places. With its Latin American roots, it is most common in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela. While Spain and Portugal also have their fair share of people with this surname. In the U.S., it is also relatively common, ranking among the 500 most popular last names.

Variations of the surname Valencia

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Valencia include Balencia, Valenza, Valenci, Valenciano, Valencianos, Valencias, Valenzano, Valenzi, Valenzuela, Valzano, Valezano, Vallenc, Vallence, Vallencia, Vallenciano, Vallencio, Vallenzano, Valls, Vallsencio, and Velencia.

Valencia is a Spanish surname. It is derived from the name of the city of Valencia in Spain, which is the third-largest city in the country. The surname is often associated with the Valencian Community, a region of Spain with its own language, customs, and culture. It is believed that the surname and the city are both derived from the Latin word Valentia which means strength.

Valencia is also quite popular in Spain, Mexico, and the United States. The Valencianos are a (mestizo) people of Native American and Spanish ancestry, sharing cultural similarities with both groups and thus maintaining their own unique culture and language. In the United States, the surname is often found in communities that are predominately made up of other Spanish-speaking people, such as those of Mexican, Mexican-American and South American descent. In Mexico, it is a fairly common surname, probably due to the wave of emigration from Spain during the Spanish civil war in 1936.

The surnames mentioned above all share the same origin from the Latin word Valentia, as well as the geographical location associated with the city of Valencia. These surnames reflect the variations of influence on the origins of the surname, either from European, Native American, or both cultural ancestries.

Famous people with the name Valencia

  • Gabriela Vanesa Valencia, Venezuelan model and Miss World Venezuela 2018
  • Florentino Valencia, Spanish footballer
  • Brayan Valencia, Colombian-born American soccer defender
  • Aileen Valencia, Mexican film and television actress
  • Christian Valencia, Colombian soccer player
  • Carlos Valencia, Argentinian soccer player
  • Anibal Valencia, Colombian-born former professional football player
  • Alfredo Valencia, former Ecuadorian footballer
  • Luis Valencia, Colombian footballer for New York City FC
  • Mauricio Valencia, Colombian-born former professional footballer
  • Alejandro Valencia, former Colombian professional soccer player
  • Antonio Valencia, former Ecuadorian soccer right-back and winger
  • Fernando Valencia, Venezuelan professional baseball player
  • Diego Valencia, Spanish former professional footballer
  • Camilo Valencia, Colombian former professional football player
  • Daniel Valencia, Chilean former professional footballer
  • Ismael Valencia, Spanish footballer
  • Marco Valencia, Guatemalan professional footballer
  • Jair Valencia, Colombian former soccer player
  • Yomar Valencia, Venezuelan professional football player

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