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Surname Valpe - Meaning and Origin

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Valpe: What does the surname Valpe mean?

The last name Valpe is of Spanish origin and is originally derived from the medieval Spanish Galician name Alphonso, which in turn is derived from the Visigothic name Alfans.

The surname Valpe is derived from the Latin phrase Alphonsus, which translates to “ready for battle.” This suggests that the origins of this last name could be from a family of warriors or a family of knights.

The surname Valpe also has its roots in the medieval Spanish Galician language. In Galician, the name Alfonso was spelled as Valpe, which is from the words 'val' meaning 'battle' and 'pe' meaning 'must.' This lends to the interpretation that those who carried the Valpe last name were likely ready and willing to fight.

The Valpe surname is fairly uncommon outside Spain and can be found mainly in the northern and western mountainous regions of Spain. It is believed that those with the Valpe last name migrated to the surrounding areas for better job opportunities and economic conditions.

Overall, the last name Valpe has strong roots in Galician and Medieval Spanish origins and suggests a family with a readiness to fight. Its history in Spain and migration to surrounding areas could suggest a desire for economic betterment or opportunity.

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Valpe: Where does the name Valpe come from?

The Valpe surname is believed to have been derived from the family's ancestral home in Germany, and appears to be primarily common today in Germany and other parts of Europe. The most widely spoken language of the Valpe family is German, however, it is possible to find members of the family scattered in other parts of the world.

In the United States, the Valpe family has been present since the 1850s in large numbers. They can primarily be found in the states of Ohio, Maryland, and California. The history of the Valpes in the US could be traced through the 1900 US Census data. It was during the same time that the siblings Carl and Martha Valpe had established themselves in Ohio, and their descendants had begun to settle in the region around Cincinnati.

Although the Valpes don't exclusively belong to Germany, some members are likely to have migrated to either the USA or the UK as a result of the German diaspora. For example, Joseph Valpe, a German engineer, migrated to the UK in the 1900s and was actively involved in establishing the Valpe families in the UK.

Today, the Valpe surname is still present in many places throughout Europe, as well as in the USA, the UK, South Africa, Canada, South America, Australia, and other parts of the world. With their presence in these regions, the Valpe family continues the tradition and knowledge of their ancestral homeland while making contributions to the local communities.

Variations of the surname Valpe

The surname Valpe is a variant of the surname Valpé, also spelled Valpee, Walpé, Walpee, and Vaulpé. The surname has several possible origins. In some cases, it is a toponymic name; a name derived from the place of origin of a family or individual. In France, the name is thought to have originated from one of the many places named Valpé, which can be found throughout western Europe. In other cases, Valpé is an Italian and Spanish surname derived from the Latin word val-, meaning “strong” or “brave.”

Valpe, Valpé, Valpee, Vaulpé are the most common variants of the surname. However, it can also be spelled Walpé, Walpee, or Walp.

There are several surnames of the same origin that are related to Valpe. These include Valpo, Valpio, Valpoz, Valpia, Valpic, Valpola, Valpolo, Valpos, Valpozza, Valprezzo, Valpri, Valpre, Valpsi, and Valpast.

It is also worth noting that some surnames which look similar, such as Valpede, Valenti, and Valperga, are each derived from different roots and are therefore not related to the Valpe surname.

Famous people with the name Valpe

  • Jesus Valpe, Spanish professional footballer.
  • Paulo Valpe, Argentine boxer.
  • Diego Valpe, Spanish professional footballer.
  • Jorge Valpe, Colombian professional basketball player.
  • Cesley Valpe, American actor.
  • Mabel Valpe, Costa Rican artist.
  • Juan Carlos Valpe, Spanish professional soccer player.
  • Jonathan Valpe, Chilean TV presenter.
  • Emma Valpe, French professional climber.
  • Sofia Valpe, Chilean TV journalist.

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