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Surname Valter - Meaning and Origin

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Valter: What does the surname Valter mean?

The surname Valter has several possible origins. It has been predominantly found in various European countries including Sweden, Germany, and Austria. The name Valter is a derivative of the name Walter, which originated from Old German “Waldhar”, a compound of the elements 'wald' (meaning rule) and 'heri' (meaning army). Therefore, it is commonly interpreted as "ruler of the army". Consequently, the surname Valter would be related to family lines associated with leadership or military service. Please note that individual family histories can diverge from the general meaning, due to various cultural, historical, and geographical influences.

Valter: Where does the name Valter come from?

The last name Valter is most concentrated in northern and eastern parts of Europe. It is also a relatively common surname in many countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

In Germany, it is especially common in the southern states, particularly Bavaria, where it ranks 47th. In Austria, it is most frequently found in the states of Lower Austria and Vienna, appearing 79th and 77th in respective popularity rankings. In Switzerland, Valter enjoys a rank of 43rd in the canton of Basel-City.

In Northern Europe, the last name Valter has a presence in Finland, Denmark, and Norway, where it is most frequent in the counties of Hedmark, Buskerud, Akershus, and Oslo.

In Eastern Europe, Valter is found in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. In Poland, it is the 143rd-most frequent surname, and it ranks 63rd in Ukraine. In Belarus, it appears as the 64th-most pervasive surname.

In Russia, even though it is much less frequent than in the countries and regions of northern and Eastern Europe, it still appeares as the 1,465th-most common surname, according to statistics.

Variations of the surname Valter

The surname Valter is a common German and Dutch surname. It is also spelled Walter, Vallter, Wālter, Valǝrar, and Valterr in some countries. Variants of this surname include Waltere, Valteri, Valltare, Walther, Valtero, Valterus, Valterra, Valterre, Valdar, Valdor, Vivaldi, and Valten.

In German, the surname Valter is derived from the Middle High German personal name Walther. Walther in turn is thought to be derived from the Old High German 'walthar' which means «to rule».

The Dutch surname Valter is a topographical surname that originated from the word 'wal' which translates to «wall» or «rampart». Those who bore this surname lived near such a wall or rampart.

Variants of this Dutch surname include Walters, Walders, Wauders, Wouters, and Van Waler.

In Finland, the spelling of Valter is Vallteri which, when translated into English, means the ruler of all.

In Russian, Valter isвальтер and it is derived from either the Germanic nameWalter or the Polish name Walenty.

Finally, Valter is also found as an Ashkenazi Jewish (Eastern European) surname derived from the Yiddish given name Velvel, which is the equivalent of the Hebrew given name Bezalel meaning 'in the shadow of God'.

Famous people with the name Valter

  • Ciro Valter: Professional Football Player
  • Philippe Valter: Singer/Songwriter
  • Kata Valter: Actress
  • Alfredo Valter: Professional Soccer Player
  • Margaret Valter: Professional Golfer
  • Henrique Valter: Professional Tennis Player
  • Justin Valter: Musician/Composer
  • Pierre Valter: Artist
  • Tomas Valter: Scientist
  • John Valter: Movie Director
  • Miguel Valter: Entrepreneur
  • Harriet Valter: Medical Researcher
  • Cyrus Valter: Television Producer
  • Sofia Valter: Architect
  • Sarah Valter: Writer/Contributor to Huffington Post
  • Carlos Valter: Film Actor
  • Daniel Valter: CEO/Airline Executive
  • Gianni Valter: Publishers Weekly Top 100 Writer
  • Adriano Valter: Fashion Designer
  • Carolina Valter: Political Activist

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