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Surname van Santen - Meaning and Origin

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van Santen: What does the surname van Santen mean?

Van Santen is a Dutch surname. The prefix "van" in Dutch names typically signifies "from", suggesting geographical origin, occupation, or even patrilineal descent. However, the specific meaning of "Santen" is not clear, as it could potentially refer to a variety of things, including a town, region, or occupation. It's most likely that it refers to a geographical location, perhaps a town or place named 'Santen'. There are places with similar names such as Santpoort or Sint-Annaland in the Netherlands, which could be the origin points. Hence, "Van Santen" essentially may mean "from Santen". Beyond its etymological meanings, surnames have come to serve as identifiers of family lineage. Therefore, more than its literal meaning, "Van Santen" would denote a familial line, more than likely originally from a place called 'Santen'.

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van Santen: Where does the name van Santen come from?

The last name van Santen is most common in the Netherlands today. It is one of the top 80 last names in the country, with over 11,700 people carrying the last name. It is also found throughout the Netherlands' neighboring countries, such as Germany and Belgium.

Van Santen is an Dutch patronymic name, meaning it is derived from the first name of a person's father. It is thought to be ultimately derived from the Ancient German of “Santo”, meaning “Saint”, and has been present in Dutch records since the 18th century.

The name is also found in other parts of the world as a result of emigration from the Netherlands. Australia is host to a sizable number of van Santens, in addition to smaller numbers in the United States and Canada; England also has a few hundred. Most commonly, those with the name in these countries trace their origins back to the Netherlands and other parts of Europe.

The majority of those carrying the last name today are directly descended from the original Dutch settlers. This large population of van Santens has been maintained over the centuries, with presence in both Europe and other parts of the world.

Variations of the surname van Santen

The variants of the surname Van Santen include the following derived spellings and forms: Van Santen, Van Sante, Van Sant, Van Santenhoven, Vansant, Vansanten, Vansante, Vansantenhoven, Vansanteveen, Van Santhaven, Van Santsen, Van Sants, Van Santshoven, Van Santebberg, Van Santenburgh, Van Santevoort and Van Santevoer.

The surnames of same origin as van Santen include but are not limited to: Sant, Sante, Santen, Santens, Santing, Senten, Sen, Senne, Sent, Sents, Santhe, Santhoven, Santevoort, Santevoer, Santebberg, Santenburgh, Santvoort, Santvoer, Santhaven, and Sint.

Van Santen is a patronymic name, derived from the Dutch personal name "Sant" or "Sante". It was originally the name of an ancestor, and is composed of two parts - "van" meaning "from," and "Santen" derived from the given name "Sant", and indicates ancestry from this first bearer of the name.

The popularity of the name "Sant" or "Sante" is most likely rooted in the Dutch religiosity, as it reflects a certain devotion to the memory of a Christian saint by the given name. The practice of creating patronymic surnames from personal names became very popular in Europe during the Middle Ages. The first known bearer of the surname Van Santen was recorded in Amsterdam circa 1550.

The variants of Van Santen found in Dutch regions today are mostly the result of the Common Germanic Practice of forming patronymic surnames from the given name of the father. These variants include that of the patronymic name itself, as well as its further derivatives based on the father's name. The other name variants and surnames of same origin related to Van Santen are mostly the result of the migration and settlement of Dutch families in other countries outside the Dutch speaking regions.

Famous people with the name van Santen

  • Maybelline van Santen: Actress and model
  • Fons van Santen: Dutch Tech Entrepreneur
  • Roel van Santen: Dutch Cycling Commentator
  • Eduard van Santen: Professional Volleyball Player
  • Rene van Santen: Dutch Singer
  • Pieter van Santen: Dutch Professor of Mathematics
  • Kingma van Santen: Dutch Painter
  • Dirk van Santen: Dutch Film Producer
  • Corinne van Santen: Dutch TV Host
  • Casper van Santen: Dutch Surfer and Entrepreneur
  • Walburga van Santen: Dutch Actress
  • Petrus van Santen: Dutch Concert Violinist
  • Daphne van Santen: Dutch TV Producer
  • Jet van Santen: Dutch Singer/Songwriter
  • Jan Peter van Santen: Dutch Graphic Designer
  • Marijke van Santen: Dutch Businesswoman
  • Steven van Santen: Dutch Photographer
  • Freya van Santen: Dutch Music Curator
  • Bram van Santen: Dutch Professional Basketball Player
  • Christopher van Santen: Dutch Actor and Producer

Other surnames

Van Santvan Sante

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