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Surname Vanable - Meaning and Origin

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Vanable: What does the surname Vanable mean?

The surname Vanable appears to be of Dutch origin, possibly derived from the Dutch word "van", which translates to 'of' or 'from', combined with a place name. However, it's difficult to find a specific meaning as the exact origin of 'Vanable' isn't clear. It's possible that the name connected to a place like many Dutch surnames; for instance, 'Van Amsterdam' would mean 'from Amsterdam'. It's likely that the name 'Vanable' could hold a similar significance. But without a documented history of the name, it's rather challenging to assess a precise meaning. Some surnames have variations and might have changed over generations from their original spelling or meaning. It's advisable to trace genealogy or consult a specialist in Dutch surnames for a more accurate and personal understanding.

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Vanable: Where does the name Vanable come from?

The surname Vanable is most commonly found in the United States, particularly in the southern United States. It is an Americanized spelling of the Dutch surname Van Abel. The earliest record of a Vanable family in the United States dates back to 1633 when Thomas Van Abeele arrived in Maryland from Holland.

This surname is most heavily concentrated along the eastern seaboard, particularly in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. However, it is still found in other parts of the US such as Texas and Utah. Vanable is a relatively rare surname, but there are still some individuals bearing the name living in various states today.

The surname is also found in other countries as well, including Canada, the Netherlands, England, and South Africa. However, it is much less common in these countries than the US.

In addition, there is also evidence of the surname Vanable existing in the Middle East. It is not a common surname in this region, but there are a few examples of individuals with this surname in Syria, Iraq, and Jordan.

Overall, the surname Vanable is most common in the United States. It is found in many other countries, although it is much rarer in these locations. The earliest record of a Vanable family in the United States dates back to 1633, and it is still found in various states and countries today.

Variations of the surname Vanable

The surname Vanable is derived from the Old French name Vaunable, which in turn has its origins from the Medieval Latin term vannabiles, meaning “belonging to a certain vannus, an anvil or forge”. Alternate spellings and variants of the Vanable surname include Vannable, Vannabl, Vanibel, Venable, Veneble, and Vanibelle.

The Vanable surname has been found in numerous countries over the years, ranging from England to Scotland, France to Germany, Norway to Sweden, and even in Canada. Various documentations showing the Vanable surname date back to the 12th century and other early spellings include Le Venaable from Desmarais in 1180, Willelmus Venables from Yorkshire in 1191, Robert de Venables from Cheshire in 1205, and a few others.

In England, variants of the surname Vanable often appear in the form of Vannable and Veneble. One of the earliest records of this variant dates back to records of William de Veneble from Pontefract in Yorkshire in 1571. Other variants that have been documented in English records are Venubles, Venueball, Vannaill, and Vanbell.

In Scotland, the prominent spelling of Vanable has been alternatively spelled as Vannabl. Examples of this variant are found in records of the Vannabl family in Rutherglen in Lanarkshire from 1617 and the Vannabl family from Edinburgh in 1619.

In France, an alternate spelling of Vanable that has been documented since the 16th century is Venable. Venable families can be found in various parishes including Clermont-Ferrand, Maubeuge, Buthiers, Corbeil, Roucy, and Angers. Other variants include Veneble, Vanval, Venval, Venraux, and Venulet.

In Germany, the name Vega is often found as a variant of the surname Vanable. This variant is associated with families living in Prussia during the 1700s and is believed to be a derivation of the Vanable name.

In Sweden, the Vanable surname is said to have arrived with immigrants from Ireland in the 19th century. The variant found in Sweden is often spelled Venblad and the earliest record featuring this variant is found in the records of Nils Henrik Venblad from Stockholm in 1858.

In Norway, the most common spelling found is Vanibel. The Vanibel family can be traced back to the 1500s and is one of the earliest recorded variants of Vanable. Other spellings like Vannabel and Vennabel have also been documented in Norway.

Finally, in Canada, similar sounding variants of the Vanable surname can be found. These variants include Vanbell, Venebelle, and Venable, all of which are believed to have originated from Canada’s French roots.

Overall, the surname Vanable has numerous variants and spelling variations, each with its own unique lineage and history.

Famous people with the name Vanable

  • Daryl Vanable: Emmy Award-winning broadcaster and television host.
  • Robert Vanable: Founding partner of an architecture and design firm.
  • Chris Vanable: Composer and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Chase Vanable: Professional BMX racer.
  • Karon Vanable: Broadcaster and television and radio personality.
  • David Vanable: Television and film producer and executive.
  • Karen Vanable: Entertainment publicist and founder of a PR firm.
  • Robert Lee Vanable Jr.: Professional golfer. 9.Marcus Vanable: Professional basketball player.
  • Jeff Vanable: Professional rodeo cowboy.
  • John Vanable: Musician and Grammy-nominated recording artist.
  • Ella Vanable: Broadway and film actress.
  • Deklyn Vanable: Professional skateboarder and artist.
  • Darla Vanable: Singer-songwriter and entertainer.
  • Summer Vanable: Professional mountain biker.
  • Tammy Vanable: Veteran of the United States Navy and founder of a non-profit organization.
  • Robert Ashley Vanable: Amateur disability athlete.
  • Callie Vanable: Co-founder of a clothing line.
  • Houston Vanable: Professional water-skier and wakeboarder.
  • Will Vanable: Public speaker and founder of several ground-breaking projects.

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