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Surname Vancole - Meaning and Origin

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Vancole: What does the surname Vancole mean?

The last name Vancole is of Dutch origin and is an occupational surname. The last name originated from "vankool" which translates to feltmaker in English. Historically, a feltmaker was responsible for making wool felt for hats and other garments. This job was very important in the development of textile production in the Netherlands.

The name Vancole is likely derived from the Dutch word, vankool, as feltmakers generally had last names ending in -cole, -kole or -kool. The prefix ‘Van-’ likely comes from the tradition of inverting the feltmaker’s profession, meaning to be ‘Of the feltmaker.’

In Holland, the last name Vancole is most common in the provinces of Brabant, Flevoland, and Gelderland, although the name is found throughout the Netherlands. In America, where many Dutch immigrants settled, the surname is most commonly found around Pennsylvania.

The last name Vancole typically suggests a person of Dutch ancestry, or the occupation of feltmaker. It is an uncommon surname, and yet its origins remind us of a significant and well-crafted profession which influences the livelihood of people in the Netherlands and beyond.

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Vancole: Where does the name Vancole come from?

The last name Vancole is commonly found today in countries around the world. In the United States, Vancole is most concentrated in the states of Pennsylvania, California, New York, Ohio, and Texas. In Pennsylvania, there are concentrations in the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. In California, large populations of Vancole are found in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In New York, the largest populations are in the cities of Manhattan and Brooklyn. In Ohio, Vancole is found mainly in the cities of Cleveland and Columbus. The largest population of Vancole is in Texas, most notably concentrated in the cities of Houston and Dallas.

Vancole is also found in countries throughout Europe, particularly in Belgium, the Netherlands, and England. In Belgium, the largest populations are located in the cities of Antwerp, Brussels, and Ghent. In the Netherlands, the most common cities include Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. In England, large Vancole populations are concentrated in London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

In Canada, Vancole is found mainly in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia. In Quebec, the largest populations are in the cities of Montreal and Quebec City. In Ontario, Vancole is widely found in the cities of Ottawa, Toronto, and Hamilton. In British Columbia, the largest populations are located in Vancouver and Victoria.

Outside of North America and Europe, Vancole is also found in Australia. In Australia, Vancole is most concentrated in the cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

Overall, the last name Vancole is widely found in both Europe and North America. It is also found in parts of Canada, Australia, and other countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Vancole

Variants of the surname Vancole include Van Col, Vancoe, Vancoll, VanColle and Van Coleman. All these variants have the same origin, which can be traced to a Dutch surname, Van Kol. The name Van Kol is derived from the Dutch word kol, which means ‘colony or district’.

Van Kol is believed to have originated in the Netherlands, in the 1200s, when settlers moved to the Netherlands from Germany and France and settled in colonies. Over time, the name evolved in various ways as it was transliterated and assimilated into the Dutch and French languages.

One of these transliterations is Vancol, which eventually evolved into Vancole. The word Van in Dutch means ‘of’, while the word Kol represents a certain community. Those who took on the surname Vancole were of a particular area or ‘colony’.

The various spellings of the Vancole surname are all related, and those who carry the surname likely have the same ancestral roots. Some variations, such as Van Col and Vancole, are used more commonly in the Netherlands, while other spellings, like Vancoll and VanColle, are used in other parts of Europe. In the United States, the surname Van Coleman is sometimes used.

Overall, the surname Vancole is a variation of the Dutch name Van Kol, which originates from the Dutch word ‘kol’ which means ‘colony or district’. The different spellings and surnames of the same origin all refer to the same family line, tracing to the same geographical area.

Famous people with the name Vancole

  • Sir Isaac Vancole: an English civil engineer and a leading figure in the design and construction of early dams in Britain.
  • Peter Vancole: a Belgian soccer player who plays in the Belgian First Division A for AS Eupen.
  • Adrian Vancole: a Dutch former professional football player who was part of the Dutch Euro 1988 squad, winning the bronze medal.
  • Willem Vancole: a Dutch painter of the late Baroque period, active in Leiden and Amsterdam.
  • Martha Vancole: a Swiss orienteering competitor and World champion, competing in the individual event.
  • Joseph Vancole: a Flemish Baroque painter, mainly active in Antwerp and Brussels.
  • Eugenius Vancole: a priest from the Kanunnik monastary in Greenbelt, founded by the disciples of St. Francis in the 13th century.
  • Nathaniel Vancole: an American stage and film actor best known for his lead role in the 1918 movie The Heart of Maryland.
  • Rene Vancole: a French landscape artist known for his serene and detailed images of nature. 10.Jesse Vancole: a Canadian figure skater, a two-time World Junior medalist and former Junior Grand Prix Grand Prix final bronze medalist.

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