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Surname Vann - Meaning and Origin

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Vann: What does the surname Vann mean?

The surname Vann is of Welsh origin derived from the word "fynnon" which means a spring, or hill, in Welsh. It has geographical roots, often indicating a person who lived near a hill or a spring or water source. The name itself traveled to the "New World" with early settlers and over time evolved into different forms based on regional dialects, spelling definitions and usage within the community. It is possible that different families with the name Vann might have different ancestral roots. The family motto of one such family is "by perseverance", indicating a strong-willed or determined lineage. The distribution of the Vann surname is predominantly in The United States, England, and Australia. With early records found in Cardiganshire, the family seat was established in Wales, long before the Norman conquest in 1066.

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Vann: Where does the name Vann come from?

The surname Vann is common throughout many countries, particularly in the United States, where it is the 657th most common surname according to the 2018 US census. In England and Wales, Vann is the 1,274th most common last name. Vann is also commonplace throughout the western world, with sizable numbers of bearers located in major countries such as Germany, Sweden, Australia, Canada, and France.

The origin of Vann is likely derived from the French surname "Le Vann," which means "a water-covered place." It is believed that it first began as a nickname for someone who lived close to a lake or a stream. The name is also known to refer to a canal reed cutter or to a person with an affinity for being close to or involved with water.

Vann is often linked to family names originating from various European countries such as Germany, France, and England. It is also associated with French Huguenots who settled in Virginia and the Carolinas. As well, Vann is a common name among African Americans as descendants of free families during the 1800s.

Overall, the surname Vann is found in many countries throughout the world and the origin of the name is likely related to its French derivation—Le Vann—which translates to "a water-covered place." The name is particularly common in the United States, England, and Wales, as well as countries like Germany, Sweden, Australia, Canada, and France.

Variations of the surname Vann

The surname Vann is of English origin and derived from 'Van', an old Dutch name meaning 'of'.

Variants of the surname Vann include Van, Vannay, Vannant, Vannatt, Vannet, Vannette, Vanney, Vanning, Vannoy, Vannoye, Vannoyd, Vanant, Vanaunt, Vany and Vanantworpe.

In medieval England, when many people were unable to read or write, different spellings of the same surname were common. As accents and pronunciation changed over time, so too did the writing of a name, with multiple versions being used simultaneously. This often led to different spellings of a single surname.

The Dutch spelling of the surname Vann is 'van', with 'van der' added when someone is referring to the person's place of origin. 'Van' is also commonly used in Germany, Scandinavia, and other parts of Europe. Users of the surname Vann in these areas may choose to spell it as 'van'.

Surnames that derive from the same origin as Vann may have similar spellings if they originated in England, Germany, Scandinavia, etc. They may also differ slightly in spelling, such as Vany, Vanney, Vannie, Vannant, Vannet, Vannette, Vanant, Vanaunt, and Vanantworpe.

The different spellings for the surname Vann can become somewhat confusing, however, they all ultimately refer to the same name.

Famous people with the name Vann

  • Terrance Vann: American R&B singer who performed at the Apollo Theater.
  • Jim Vann: American poet who moved to California in 1999 and has written several works.
  • Domonic Vann: English professional footballer who plays as a defender.
  • Will Vann: Canadian actor who appeared in “Motive” and “Mine 9”.
  • Nick Vann: Australian former professional basketball player in the NBL and the NBA.
  • Russell Vann: NFL wide receiver who was drafted in 2000 and played for six years.
  • Trina Vann: American professional slalom racer who was named the USA Race Skier of the Month in 2007.
  • Celeste Vann: Jamaican singer-songwriter and former Miss World Jamaica.
  • Johnny Vann: American musician and songwriter best known as the lead guitarist of the rock band Los Lonely Boys.
  • Olivia Vann: South African water polo player who represented her country at the Olympics in 2012.

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