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Surname Vasquez - Meaning and Origin

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D. Vasquez

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Vasquez: What does the surname Vasquez mean?

Vasquez is a Spanish origin surname and is derived from the Basque word 'Bazkoz,' which means 'a place of abundant pastures'. The name is particularly popular in Spain and Latin America. It denotes a patronymic name; in this case, it means 'son of Vasco' or 'son of Velasco'. Velasco itself is a Spanish first name of a pre-Roman, possibly Basque origin, meaning 'crow' or 'raven'. So, broadly, the surname Vasquez could imply a familial connection or descent from a person named Vasco or Velasco. Naming practices in Spain often involve adding 'ez' or 'es' to the end of a father's name to denote son of, much like 'son' or 'sen' is used in other cultures, such as Johnson (John's son) in English or Hansen (Han's son) in Danish. Hence Vasquez signifies lineage from Vasco or Velasco. It's important to note the pronunciation may change depending on the region it is used in due to linguistic variations.

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Vasquez: Where does the name Vasquez come from?

The last name Vasquez is a common Hispanic surname. In the United States, Vasquez is the 21st most common Hispanic surnames, and historically was among the twelve most common Hispanic surnames according to a 2016 study on population information by the US Census. As of 2020, the surnames can be found in many states, however it is most common in California, Texas, New York, Florida, New Jersey, and Arizona. According to the US Census for 2020, while the Vasquez family is spread widely across the United States, the greatest concentration can be found in West Coast states. In California, Vasquez is more common in Southern California, particularly halfway through Los Angeles and Imperial Counties. In Texas, it can be found primarily in the Rio Grande Valley and cities such as San Antonio and the suburbs of El Paso and Houston. In Florida, the name is common in Miami-Dade County. This concentration of Vasquez families in these states is likely due to the Hispanic migration to those areas in the early 20th century and the higher concentrations of Spanish-speaking and Hispanic people living in these places.

Variations of the surname Vasquez

The surname Vasquez is of Spanish-Portuguese origin and is one of the most commonly found surnames across the Spanish-speaking world. In addition to the spelling 'Vasquez', some of the other variants and spellings include 'Vásquez', 'Vazquez', 'Basques', 'Vassquez', 'Vassque', 'Vazques' and 'Vasquéz'.

In the modern age, many Spanish-speaking families have adopted different surname variations and spelling. In some cases, this was done to make the spelling more intelligible for non-Spanish-speakers, or to remove the historical root of the surname altogether.

In the case of the surname Vasquez, sometimes the name has been Anglicized to 'Vass' or 'Vasey'. Some Portuguese families may have adopted the surname but spelled it 'Vaz' instead. Other names that may have developed from the 'Vasquez' root include 'Bazquez', 'Vasque', 'Vasques' and 'Vazquez'.

It is also important to note that families of different origins can bear the same surname. Other background origins of the surname may include Italian, Portuguese, French and Sephardic Jewish. In Hispanic countries, certain individuals may vary surnames for personal or family reasons, with the same first and last names being spelled in different ways depending on where the person is from. Therefore, one family lines' 'Vazquez' might be spelled 'Vasquez' in another.

In conclusion, the surname Vasquez and its variants can have far reaching origins, with the sake name being adopted and Anglicized throughout centuries across many languages and populations.

Famous people with the name Vasquez

  • Vivian Vasquez: Venezuelan actress who has appeared in several telenovelas.
  • Ray Vasquez: Former professional wrestler who competed under the ring name “The Latin Fury.”
  • Greggy Vasquez: Philippine YouTube personality known for his beauty and lifestyle videos.
  • Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco: Mexican doctor and philanthropist who founded the charitable organization Somos uno, A.C.
  • Juan Carlos Vasquez: Spanish-American basketball player who played for the University of Hawaii and won two championships with the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Ariana Vasquez: Miami-based singer-songwriter best known for her single "Crazy" and her EP "How I See It".
  • Jennifer Vasquez: Mexican-American actress who converted to Islam in 2010.
  • Mike Vasquez: Hip hop producer and entrepreneur from Los Angeles and the founder of Dope Entertainment.
  • Ruben Vasquez: Colombian film director and screenwriter, known for his film, A Time to Rebuild.
  • Delilah Vasquez: Former internet radio DJ and talk show host.

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