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Surname Verdon - Meaning and Origin

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Verdon: What does the surname Verdon mean?

The last name Verdon is believed to possibly have a French or English origin. In France, it is believed to be a topographic name for someone who lived in a fern meadow, deriving from the Old French word "verdun," which means "fern clearing." It could also be a habitational name derived from a place called Verdun in France.

In England, the name is believed to have come from the Old English words “feortan” (furze) and “dun” (hill) which evolved into Verdun over time. As a result, Verdon could be a habitational name from any of the various places in England called Verdun, such as Verdun Hill in Lancashire, or a topographic name for a person who lived on a hill covered with furze bushes.

The name could also be patronymic, derived from the personal name Verdun or Verdani, which is derived from the Old French "verdun," meaning "fern clearing."

Verdon has been found in records from the 13th century onward in both France and England. It is still quite common in both countries, as well as in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other places around the world.

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Verdon: Where does the name Verdon come from?

The last name Verdon is most commonly found today in France. There, it is most commonly seen in the region of Normandy, northwest of Paris. According to the most recent data gathered by the Institut National de la Statistique et Etudes Economiques (INSEE), nearly 3,800 French citizens bear the Verdon surname.

The last name also has some presence in the United States, where it is found in 21 of the 50 states. Texas has the largest population of Verdon-labeled households, with around 250 of them spread over the Lone Star State. California, Minnesota, New York, and Wisconsin also have relatively large Verdon populations, totaling around 200 people between them.

In addition, the Verdon name can be found in Spain, Portugal, and various parts of South America. Specifically, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela house a significant percentage of Verdon-labeled households.

Overall, the Verdon name is a relatively rare one, but it still maintains a presence throughout France, the United States, and several other countries in the Americas.

Variations of the surname Verdon

The surname Verdon is of French origin and is a regional surname derived from the Lower Normandy region of France. The variants, spellings, and surnames derived from this origin include:

Verdone: This is a slightly different spelling of the surname.

Varndon: This is another variant of the same spelling, with the addition of a “d”.

Vardon: This is a variant that replaces the “e” with an “a”.

Vardin: This variant replaces the “e” and the “o” with an “i”.

Verdier: This spelling is derived from the Norman French for “branch”.

Vardinier: This is a combination of the variants Vardin and Verdier, which results in a double “i”.

Verdine: This is also based on the Norman French for “branch”.

Verden: This spelling results from the combination of the “er” and the “en”.

Berden: This variant replaces the “v” with a “b”.

Delavar: This is a variant of the surname with the addition of a “l”.

Delvar: This is a variant with the same addition of the “l”.

Varendon: This is the surname derived when the “ar” and “en” get combined.

Verdron: This is a variant that replaces the “e” with an “o”.

Verdenne: This is a variant that replaces the “er” with an “en”.

Verdonne: This variant replaces the “er” with an “on”.

Verdenier: This has a similar origin to Verdier, but the “e” and the “i” are both replaced.

Verenne: This variant replaces the “d” with an “n”.

Verine: This replaces both the “e” and the “o” with an “i”.

Verdette: This variant replaces the “er” with an “et”.

Verdore: This is based on the Norman French for “gold”, as in the metal.

Delverne: This variant is the combination of Delavar and Verenne.

Verdin: This variant once again replaces the “e” and “o” with an “i”.

Verdeen: This is the combination of the variants Verden and Verdenne.

The surnames and spellings of Verdon are related, but each has a slightly different origin and meaning. This variety reflects the regional variety of French culture and the range of origins of the surname throughout France.

Famous people with the name Verdon

  • Gwen Verdon: American actress and dancer. She is best remembered for her role in the award-winning musicals Damn Yankees, Chicago, and Can-Can.
  • Chita Rivera: American actress, dancer, and singer who won two Tony Awards for her work in the musicals West Side Story and The Rink.
  • Ann Reinking: American dancer, choreographer, and singer who ran the Verdon Fosse Legacy.
  • Jerome Robbins: American choreographer, director, and playwright who created Broadway musicals such as Fiddler on the Roof and West Side Story.
  • Desmond Richardson: American dancer, choreographer, and director who learned some of his dance techniques from Gwen Verdon.
  • Vanessa Verdon: Gwen Verdon's daughter who has been a frequent Dance Magazine cover girl.
  • Richard Verdon: Gwen Verdon's son who is a New Zealand-based artist and graphic designer.
  • Jake Verdon: Jerome Robbins' son who is a professional dancer.
  • Michael Verdon: Gwen Verdon's grandson who is an award-winning writer, director, and actor.
  • Amy Verdon: American Broadway actress and singer who has starred in several of the Fosse/Verdon theatrical revivals.

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