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Surname Verheijen - Meaning and Origin

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Verheijen: What does the surname Verheijen mean?

Verheijen is a Dutch last name meaning "The Heijen." Heijen is a placename found mainly around the province of Limburg in the Netherlands. It is derived from the words "heije" meaning a grassy meadow and from the old German word "haigen" meaning a hedge.

The family name Verheijen, therefore, is derived from a person or family originating in Heijen, or who came from a location nearby. This could mean that they lived near the grassy meadow or nearby a hedge before their name was given to them.

Historically, the name Verheijen is said to have been first recorded in 1149 in the city of Munster-Granitz located in the German state of Brandenburg. The name was used as a standardized form of both Verheij and Heijen.

Verheijen is also a common name in the Netherlands and Belgium, with thousands of Dutch and Belgian people currently bearing the name. Most prominently in the Dutch city of Roermond, Limburg, which was a former Catholic Bishopric. The name there is generally believed to have been taken from the local German knights who settled in the city during the Middle Ages.

Overall, the name Verheijen is primarily found in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as Germany. The meaning of the name is closely connected to the placename Heijen and the origin of the name is believed to have been from either a person or family from the area or an incoming German knight.

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Verheijen: Where does the name Verheijen come from?

The last name Verheijen is most common in the Netherlands and Belgium today. The Netherlands, which is a part of the Low Countries, has the most people with this surname. The Dutch provinces of North and South Holland have the highest population of Verheijen, followed by Limburg, North and West Brabant, and Gelderland. Verheijen can also be found in Belgian provinces such as Limburg, Antwerp, Brussels and West Flanders.

In Europe, the surname is also quite popular around the English counties of Suffolk, Kent, West Midlands, and Lincolnshire, which all had significant Dutch populations during the Middle Ages. Verheijen is also common among Germanic countries such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It has also spread to other parts of the world, particularly to the Americas and Australia, through migration or family relocation, usually as part of the Dutch diaspora which started during the 17th century.

Interestingly, the name Verheijen has different spellings in different countries. In some of the Netherlands, it can be spelled as Verhagen, Verheij, Verhuyen, Verhoeven, or Verhoven. The last two spellings are used mostly in North West Europe and Flanders. Meanwhile, in Germany it is spelled as Verheyen, while in the United States it is usually spelled as Verheyen.

Variations of the surname Verheijen

The surname Verheijen is derived from the Dutch phrase "ver hei", which translates to "on the heath". Variants of the surname include Ver Heijen, Verheyen, Ver Heijnen, Verheyne, Verhaine, Verhain, Verhayen, Verhayene, Verhayne, Verbheyen, Verbheijen, and Verbheijnen.

Spellings of the surname include Verheijen, Voorheijen, Voorheijn, and Verheyen. The spelling Verheijen is the most common spelling of the surname, while Voorheijn is the least commonly used spelling. Other variations of the name include Verheysen, Verhaegen, Verhaeghe, Verreroen, and Vaderheijden.

The surname is found in various countries around the globe, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and the United States. In the United States, the variant surname Van Verheijen is occasionally seen, and can also be traced back to the Dutch phrase "ver hei". Variations of the spelling of the surname can also be found in France as Verhoin and Verhasin.

In the Netherlands, the spelling Verhayen is frequently seen, while in Belgium, the variant surnames Verhasin and Verhaeghe are more common. In Germany, the surname Verhayen is seen more often than other spellings and variants. In Sweden, the variant Verheiyen is usually seen, while in Poland, the surname is usually spelled Verhain.

Overall, there are a variety of spellings and variants of the surname Verheijen that can be found across Europe and the United States, reflecting the diversity of the surname and its origins.

Famous people with the name Verheijen

  • Wilfred Verheijen: Dutch actor, voice actor, and comedian, best known for roles such as Sproetjes in the film Voor een Verloren Soldaat.
  • Gertjan Verbeek: Former Dutch footballer and manager, who was the head coach of the Dutch national team in 2010.
  • Roger Verheijen: Dutch football coach, who is currently the head coach of the Belgian national team.
  • Leon Verheijen: Former Dutch professional footballer, who played for FC Utrecht in the Eredivisie.
  • Bob Verheijen: Former Dutch professional cyclist, who competed in the Tour de France between 1981 and 1986.
  • Jeanne Verheijen: Dutch pianist.
  • Christian Verheijen: Goalkeeper who played for the FC Utrecht reserves in the Dutch Eerste Divisie.
  • Marco Verheijen: Dutch speed skater, and bronze medalist in the 200m event at the 2000 European Speed Skating Championships.
  • Han Verheijen: Dutch singer-songwriter.
  • Willem Verheijen: Dutch organist, composer, conductor, and musicologist.

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