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Surname Vidales - Meaning and Origin

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Vidales: What does the surname Vidales mean?

The last name Vidales is of Spanish origin and is believed to be derived from the name Vidal, which originated as a nickname for people believed to be strong and fierce. This nickname can also refer to someone who is a valiant defender.

In Spanish, the root word vida means “life” or “vigor”. In combination with the suffix -ales- meaning “from”, “descended from”, or “son of”, the name Vidales can be interpreted to mean either “from life” or “descended from life”. In the context of the name, this is significant because it implies that the person it refers to is strong or energetic enough to overcome adversity, which is an important characteristic of the Vidales family line.

The name Vidales is represented mainly in Mexico and Central America, where it is a relatively common last name ranging from Guatemala to Panama. In the eastern part of Mexico, the name Vidales has also been translated to signify the vivacity of the people from that part of the country.

In essence, the name Vidales is a powerful reminder of perseverance in the face of obstacles, which has been passed on from generation to generation by people who carry the name. It is a proud and meaningful last name, which reflects the strength of those who possess it.

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Vidales: Where does the name Vidales come from?

The last name Vidales is primarily found in Latin America. It is especially prevalent in Mexico, where it is the 77th most common last name. According to the 1990 US Census, nearly 11,000 people of Hispanic origin in the United States bore the last name Vidales. These individuals are concentrated in the southwestern states, particularly in Texas.

The origin of the name Vidales is uncertain but it is likely derived from a pre-Hispanic word meaning “leader.” It is believed that the ancestors of many modern Vidaleses were rulers or warriors as far back as the 12th century.

Today, the majority of Vidaleses live in Mexico, while smaller populations have made homes in the United States, Spain, and several other Latin American countries. Given the migratory nature of the Latinx population, there are now Vidaleses living around the world.

As is true of many Hispanic surnames, the spelling of “Vidales” is variable. It is often seen spelled as “Vidal,” “Vidalés,” or “Vidalis.” At least one variant, “Vidalese,” has been recorded in the United States.

Variations of the surname Vidales

The Vidales surname has various variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. There are a few different spellings and surnames which come from the same origin, including: Vidalles, Vidalla, Vidaller, Bidales, Vidal, Bidelles, Bidella, Bideller, Bodales, Vidaler, Bodalla, Bouilles, and Videles.

The Spanish surname Vidales originates from the place of Vidales which is located in the community of Cantabria, in Northeastern Spain. It is one of the oldest Ludizaco surnames and first appeared in the 15th century. The surname is derived from a place name and was given to people who lived or worked near the place, such as those who owned the farm where it was situated. The spelling of the surname changed as it spread throughout different cultures and countries.

The use of the Vidales surname has spread throughout the world, including North, Central, and South America. In different parts of the world, it has been adapted to sound more like the pronunciation of the local language, including in some cases "Vidal". This is the most common spelling used in Latin American countries such as Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador.

In other cases, the surname has been adapted by adding accents or letters to the original spelling, such as "Vidalles" and "Vidaller". It has also been found in other parts of the world, including Angola and Portugal, where it may have been adopted by immigrants.

The varied spellings of the Vidales surname reflect the fact that it has been used by people from different cultural backgrounds throughout the world. Each spelling respectfully acknowledges the original culture and place from which it comes.

Famous people with the name Vidales

  • Nelson Vidal: Venezuelan singer and songwriter.
  • O.M.A. Vidal: Spanish dramatist and theatre manager.
  • Ridulfo Vidal: Mexican physician and neuroscientist.
  • Irene Vidal: Spanish actress.
  • Moises Vidal: Spanish sculptor.
  • Juan Pablo Vidal: Spanish architect and engineer.
  • Alejandro Vidal: Spanish multimedia artist.
  • Federico Vidal: Chilean experimental musician.
  • Veronica Vidal: Paraguayan theater director and actress.
  • Marta Vidal: Spanish singer-songwriter.
  • Andres Vidal: Spanish volleyball player.
  • Idurre Vidal: Spanish handball player.
  • David Vidal: Spanish professional football player.
  • Damian Vidal: Spanish professional basketball player.
  • Antonio Vidal: Spanish professional cyclist.
  • Lidia Vidal: Spanish singer.
  • Francisco Vidal: Spanish professional esport player.
  • Raquel Vidal: Spanish long-distance runner.
  • Candela Vidal: Spanish actress.
  • Xisco Vidal: Spanish football player and coach.

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