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Surname Vinsen - Meaning and Origin

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Vinsen: What does the surname Vinsen mean?

The surname Vinsen is of Anglo-Saxon origin, primarily found in the region of Lancashire in England. Like many surnames from this era, it could be derived from a different popular first name, Vincent, meaning 'conquering' or 'winning', from the Latin term 'Vincens'. However, the nature of its exact origin and translation remains uncertain. It might also be believed that the last name Vinsen is 'locational', meaning it possibly refers to a specific geographical location, associated often with a family's residence or landownership. As the name dissemination occurred due to migration and trade, various versions of the name may occur. It is not associated with any particular trade or profession, like some last names from the period. As surnames became necessary for taxation purposes in the Middle Ages, the usage of Vinsen as a last name was adopted and has been passed down to present-day generations.

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Vinsen: Where does the name Vinsen come from?

The last name Vinsen is relatively uncommon worldwide, but can still be found in several areas. Vinsen is primarily found in Scandinavia, particularly Sweden and Denmark, where records trace its use to the 15th century. It is thought to be derived from the Scandinavian word for wine or vine. Later records also show it being used in the Netherlands, Finland, and Germany.

In modern times, the surname Vinsen can still be found in Scandinavia, as well as the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, and the United States. There are an estimated 4,100 people in the United States with the last name Vinsen. The majority are concentrated in California, which has 1,300 recorded instances of the name, followed by New York (299), Florida (215), Minnesota (163), and Illinois (82). Limited records also show the name cropping up in other countries, such as Australia, South Africa, and India.

Overall, the last name Vinsen is relatively uncommon, but still widely diffused enough that it can be found in many countries and territories, predominantly within Scandinavia and the United States.

Variations of the surname Vinsen

Vinsen is a surname of English origin, derived from the nickname given to an individual who exhibited the qualities of a man from the town of Vinn in North West Germany. Variants of the surname include Vinzen, Vinskie, Vinske, Vinsk, Vins, and Vink.

The Vinsen surname is also found in other European countries where it was likely adopted as immigrants adopted countries and cultures in Europe. Variants and spellings commonly heard include Vinsén (Sweden), Vinzen (Germany), Vinser (Austria), Vincentz (Denmark), and Vinsen (Norway).

Vinsen can also be spelled with various vowels such as Vinzen, Vinsten, Vincsen, Winnsen, Winesen, and VIsen.

The surname Vinsen is associated with many modern spelling variations such as Vincen, Vincens, Vincennes, Vincenz, Vincenzo, Vincent, Vincente, Vinson, Vison, and Vincien. It is also associated with similar variations such as Vinsang, Vinsann, Vinsa, and Vinnsann. There are also variants with similar pronunciations such as Vensan, Vingers, Vipond, and Vissen.

In addition, the Vinsen surname is associated with many surnames that have similar origins. These include Vinsant, Vansas, Vinsen, Vinsan, Vinsom, Vinckell, Vickell, and Vincel.

Famous people with the name Vinsen

  • John Vinsen: former English football player
  • Les Vinsen: librarian and writer
  • Erik Vinsen: Danish film director
  • Tony Vinsen: professional kitesurfer and watersports enthusiast
  • Dagmar Vinsen: Norwegian politician
  • Solvi Vinsen: Norwegian sculptor
  • John Vinsen: Canadian lawyer
  • Peter Vinsen: former British Army Officer
  • Peter Vinsen: New Zealand ice hockey player
  • Olaf R. Vinsen: inventor of the contact lens
  • Brian Vinsen: former Interstate Baseball League player
  • David Vinsen: British criminal justice professor
  • Elso Vinsen: Norwegian speed skater
  • Troels Vinsen: Danish jazz musician
  • Viktoria Vinsen: Danish politician

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