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Surname Vogt - Meaning and Origin

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H. Vogt

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Vogt: What does the surname Vogt mean?

The surname Vogt has German origins and it means "bailiff" or "steward" in English. The role of a bailiff or steward was essentially an administrative position, responsible for overseeing the management of lands and estates on behalf of a ruler or lord, collecting taxes, and dispensing justice. Therefore, the Vogt surname would have been, originally, an occupational name for a person holding that office. It may have also been a status name for a free man in a feudal society who was subject to a count or lord. Some bearers of the Vogt name likely descend from the medieval nobility, particularly in regions like Switzerland and the Alsace-Lorraine region. As a surname, Vogt is common throughout Germany, Switzerland, and other parts of Central Europe. Over time, it has branched out into many variants including Voigt, Focht, and Voght, among others.

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Vogt: Where does the name Vogt come from?

The last name Vogt is most commonly found in Germany and the German-speaking countries of Switzerland and Austria. It is secondarily found in the United States, Canada and other countries with significant German-speaking populations, such as Argentina and Brazil. It is also found in Scandinavia and Holland.

In Germany, the name Vogt is mainly concentrated in Lower-Saxony and Hesse in the north-central region and Bavaria in the southeast. In the United States, the name Vogt is mostly concentrated in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota, four states with some of the largest German populations.

The Vogt surname is found in different forms in different countries. For example, in Germany, the name is written with a double "T," whereas in English-speaking countries, the name is often written with one "T." In Scandinavian countries, the name may be written with a g sound at the end, for example, with a "G."

In Germany, the Vogt surname has existed since the Middle Ages, as a hereditary title of officials appointed by an Imperial Count. The Vogt title was passed down through generations in a hereditary fashion, with a Vogt possessing holdings and rights of land. Today, however, the Vogt name is more commonly found as an inherited surname than as a governmental title.

Overall, the last name Vogt is most common in and around Germany and German-speaking countries. It is found in smaller numbers in various other countries, sometimes with variant spellings.

Variations of the surname Vogt

The surname Vogt is an Germanic name of occupational origin, deriving from the word 'Fogt' which means 'magistrate'. It is a common surname throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and many other countries with German-speaking populations. Variants and spellings of the surname Vogt include:

Fogt, Fogg, Voight, Vaught, Zwoch, Faak, Fack, Vogue, Voges, Vogel, Vogtlin, Voglin, Vogele, Vogtle, Vogelein, Vogtman, Vögtlin, Vögtli, Vögele, Vögeli.

It is also known under the following German/Scandinavian surnames and patronymic names:

Vogtsberger,Fahrke, Voigtsberger, Figge, Voigtmann, Fahrböcker, Fahrbach, Faugtman, Fenstermaker, Fugger, Faaktman, Falkman, Falkner, Fehrbacher, Fettmacher, Finkenthal, Finder, Fischer, Flesch, Foertsch, Frerman, Frombach, Fuchs, Fugate, Fuhrmann, Gebauer, Goetzes.

In English, the surname Vogt can be spelled as either "Vogt" or "Vaught". Other surnames of similar origins include Vought, Falk, Fox, Vos, Voss, and Voigt. The most common variation of the name is Voigt, found in Germany and other German speaking countries.

In the Netherlands, the surname Vogt is written as either Vocht or Vught, with the latter being more contemporary. Other Dutch surnames of the same origin include Vogelsang, Vogelvanger, Vonder, and Vandenbroek.

In Switzerland and France, the surname Vogt is spelled as Vot, Voge, Vogue, Voen, or Voult. In central Europe and Italy, the surname is spelled Vogti, Vugti, Votta, VOTO, and Vogott.

The surname Vogt is a popular and widespread surname and can be found in various forms all over Europe, where it has been traced back for centuries.

Famous people with the name Vogt

  • Julius Vogt: German marine biologist and educator
  • Emily Roeske: American actress
  • John Vogt: American art director
  • Jack Vogt: American actor
  • Richard Vogt: German entrepreneur and publisher
  • Casey Vogt: American actress
  • John Vogt: American actor and broadcaster
  • Maruel Vogt: German author
  • Alice Vogt: British painter and illustrator
  • Fritz Vogt: German sculptor
  • Christian Vogt: Swiss cross country skier
  • Helmer Vogt: German classical philologist and Entomologist
  • Lotte Vogt: German actress
  • Hugo Vogt: German composer
  • Jim Vogt: American racing driver
  • Wulfkin Vogt: German art collector
  • Joseph Vogt: German apothecary
  • Mathilde Vogt: German physician
  • Susan Vogt: American politician
  • Claudius Vogt: German geologist People with the last name Vogt have often been talented in diverse fields, be it as actors, artists, politicians, scientists, musicians or athletes. From actors Emily Roeske and Casey Vogt, to publisher Richard Vogt, or from cross-country skier Christian Vogt and racing driver Jim Vogt, to German entomologist Helmer Vogt, many Vogts have made a name for themselves on the national and international stage. The Vogt family also boasts a number of notable scientists, such as marine biologist Julius Vogt, classical philologist Wulfkin Vogt, geologist Claudius Vogt and physician Mathilde Vogt. Furthermore, some of the Vogt family members were renowned for their creative pursuits, such as sculptor Fritz Vogt, painter Alice Vogt and composer Hugo Vogt. It truly seems that fame and success run through the veins of the Vogt family!

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