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Surname Voisine - Meaning and Origin

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Voisine: What does the surname Voisine mean?

The last name Voisine is of French origin, derived from the Late Latin word “vicusinius”, meaning “neighbour” or “neighbor.” People who possessed this last name were likely to have worked as farm labourers, or were small landholders who lived close to neighbors. The name would have been given to those who lived in the same village or small area of land.

The name may have been adopted by an individual who worked in the local area, or even by an individual who had owned and developed an area contributed to the local economy. Such people were highly regarded in their communities, and these individuals were often rewarded with land or with a portion of the land they worked on. The use of the title “Voisine” could not only indicate that the bearer was a trusted and hard-working individual, but it could even mean that they were respected members of the community, as their last name carried a greater weight in olden times.

The Voisine name is found all over France, but is particularly common in the Northwestern part of the country. It is also found throughout the United States, Canada, and other areas that have received migration from France. Today, a Voisine is viewed as someone who is knowledgeable in their area, reliable, and a hard-worker. The name has come to signify a strength and determination to succeed.

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Voisine: Where does the name Voisine come from?

The last name Voisine is most commonly found in Québec, Canada today. Québec has a large population of French Canadians and it is likely that the Voisine family has its roots in France. The Voisine family may have arrived in Canada as immigrants, but it is more likely that the surname was adopted by families who originated in the region. The surname Voisine is also commonly found in France, particularly in the provinces of Lorraine, Picardy, and Champagne-Ardenne.

The Voisine family may also have significant populations in other French-speaking countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, and Haiti. This suggests that the family’s migratory history is somewhat complicated. The Voisine surname may have been carried by immigrants heading to new lands, but it is likely that the surname had deeper origins in France itself.

In the United States, the Voisine surname is not entirely common. The largest concentration of the surname is in New England, which would suggest that the surname may have been brought to the United States by French Canadians in the 19th century. The Voisine surname may also have been adopted by families who originated in France after immigration to the United States.

The Voisine surname is most commonly found in Quebec, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Haiti, and the New England states of the United States. As such, the last name Voisine has a long history of being spread across the world, albeit not always in large numbers.

Variations of the surname Voisine

The surname Voisine (also found spelled Voise, Voyse, Voisin and Voisyn) is a French habitational surname of Old French origin. It derived from the place-name Voisin, derived from the Old French "voisin" meaning "neighbor". This surname is most commonly found in northern France, including Normandy, Picardy, and Touraine.

Several variations of this surname exist, including Voysin, Voisine, Veyssin, Vey Jaime, Veysin, Berruer, and Tisserant. The suffix “er” can be seen at the end of some of these names, which indicates that the original ancestor was from this particular place.

Veysin is derived from the French “voisine”, meaning “neighbor”, while Ve Jaime is a variation of the earlier Spanish name “vega”, meaning “rich pasture”. Tisserant is derived from a version of the French word “tisser”, meaning “to weave”.

Voisine is also the name of a sub-type of French Canadian? In this case, the name can be combined with other French surnames to form double-barreled surnames such as Voisine-Lemelin or Voisine-Gauthier.

The surname Voisin is also an example of a matronymic surname, which is created from the name of a woman ancestor, i.e. the French word Voisin. It is derived from the Latin word “vox” and the Old French "voix", meaning "voice". People with this surname are said to have descended from a woman whose maiden name was “Voisin” or whose mother’s maiden name was “Voisin”.

In conclusion, the surnames Voisine, Voyse, Voisin, Voisyn, Voysin, Veysin, Ve Jaime, Berruer, Tisserant, and Voisine-Lemelin or Voisine-Gauthier are all variations of the same origin and can be traced back to the Old French "voisin" meaning "neighbor".

Famous people with the name Voisine

  • Roch Voisine: a Canadian singer-songwriter, actor, and radio and television host from New Brunswick.
  • Henri Voisin: a French aviator. He was one of the first people to attempt manned flight in a powered, controlled aircraft.
  • Cléo Voisine: a Canadian sculptor and printmaker. She is known for her innovative sculpture with fiberglass and resin, and for her creation of “Voisine Processes”.
  • Alec Voisine: an American record producer, artist and social media influencer.
  • Jean Voisin: a French screenwriter and director. He is best known for writing and directing the hit film Mon Oncle.
  • Kenneth Robert Voisine: an American actor, singer and voice artist. He is best known for his roles in films such as The Karate Kid, Lethal Weapon and The Fugitive.
  • Florian Voisin: a French extreme sports athlete. He is well known for competing in downhill mountain biking, snowboarding and skiing.
  • Mathieu Voisin: a French rock musician and composer. He is best known for writing and performing the song “Feu de paille”.
  • Alain Voisin: a Canadian ice hockey player. He played for the Montreal Canadiens and is part of the Hockey Hall of Fame.
  • Cyril Voisin: a French ice hockey player. He is known for playing in the French Ligue Magnus.

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