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Surname Vojtan - Meaning and Origin

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Vojtan: What does the surname Vojtan mean?

The last name Vojtan is a Slovak surname that originates from the old Slavic root word “voj” which means soldier or warrior. It is believed to have first been created by the Slavic people who inhabited the region of Slovakia in the sixth or seventh century. The surname likely began as a patronymic name, denoting the son of a noted warrior, but over time it became adopted as a hereditary surname. The name is derived from the word ”voj” with the Slavic suffix “tan” added to signify a person who belongs to a certain group.

The last name of Vojtan is most common among people of Slovakian descent, but can also be found in areas of the former Czechoslovakia such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria. It is also found in many parts of Europe including Croatia, Romania, Russia and Poland. Those who bare the surname of Vojtan are usually of noble or aristocratic heritage, due to the prestigious implications of having a surname that reflects a strong and heroic background.

The surname of Vojtan is a proud reminder of the heroic background of the Slovakian people, as well as a source of personal pride for individuals who carry the name today. It serves as a lasting testament to the warrior spirit of the first generations of Vojtans and the generations of warriors that have followed.

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Vojtan: Where does the name Vojtan come from?

The last name Vojtan is believed to have originated in Slovakia and is a relatively common surname found among those living in Eastern Europe. The name has been found in records dating as far back as the 14th century in present-day Slovakia.

In modern times, the name appears to have greatly increased in popularity in Slovakia and is also quite common in neighboring countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Austria. In each of the above countries, the name is found primarily in rural areas.

In the United States, the name Vojtan has been found in several areas across the country such as Utah, Nebraska, Florida, and Pennsylvania. There appears to be the highest concentration of people with the last name Vojtan on the East Coast, with Pennsylvania having the largest population of Vojtans.

For those looking to research their family origins, uncovering the history of the Vojtan name can offer some fascinating information. It can be a great source of pride for people with this name to find out more about their ancestors and where they originated.

Variations of the surname Vojtan

The surname Vojtan has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The most common variant is the spelling of Vojtánek. This name is derived from the Czech word 'Vojs'tan', which means 'soldier'. Vojtanic, Vojtanovich, and Vojtekare also common spelling variations.

The variants Vojtasek and Vojtasek are derived from the Czech words 'Voj'sek' and 'Voj'stasek', respectivley, which mean 'son of a soldier'.

Other variants include the Ukrainian variants Vojtmann and Vojtomann, the Slovakian variants Vojtko, Vojtkovič and Vojtíšek, the Slovenian variants Vojtanič and Vojtech, the Polish variants Vojciech and Vojtyska as well as the Jewish-Yiddish variant Vojtcha.

The surnames Vojtánkova, Vojteška and Vojtanekova are patronymic forms of Vojtan, which mean 'son of Vojtan'.

Additionally, there are numerous other surnames derived from the same root, such as the Czech surnames Vojs, Vojsin, Vojsko, Vojsav, Vojsavkova, Vojsikova, Vojsiř and Vojsíc.

The surname Vojtan has been found in many regions worldwide, including Europe, South America, Australia, and North America, showing its popularity and widespread usage.

Famous people with the name Vojtan

  • Laco Vojtani: Slovak footballer who formerly played for FC Dunaszerdahely.
  • Sylva Vojtan: Czech operatic soprano who is well known for her performances in Baroque repertoire.
  • Ludovit Vojtan: famous Slovak physicist and politician.
  • Ferko Vojtan: Hungarian composer and conductor who was a professor at the Budapest Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music.
  • Tomas Vojtan: Slovak attorney, famous for his involvement in setting up the Slovakian Law Library.
  • Zbigniew Vojtan: Polish radio announcer who worked for Polish Television in the 1950s.
  • Irena Vojtan: Czech painter and graphic artist who has exhibited her works in many places across Europe.
  • Ivan Vojtan: Slovakian entrepreneur who was a co-owner of one of the first airports in Bratislava.
  • Gregory Vojtan: American author and screenwriter who wrote the novel ‘The Backroom Boys’.
  • Jan Vojtan: Czech architect who designed some of the most iconic buildings in Prague in the interwar period.

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