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Surname von der Leyen - Meaning and Origin

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von der Leyen: What does the surname von der Leyen mean?

Von der Leyen is a German noble family name. It is believed to have originated from the city of Leinin the former Brandenburg state in Germany.

The prefix "von" is a noble title in German culture which alludes to a family of noble birth. It is derived from Middle High German and means "from" or "of". This is usually placed before the surname, however, it may also be placed within the name.

Historically, German nobles were wealthy landed families and many had a coat of arms; a unique visual design that is borne by members of that specific family. The von der Leyen family are thought to have a coat of arms showing two silver boar heads facing each other in a field of blue. The boar symbol was established in the Middle Ages to represent valor and courage in battle.

The von der Leyen noble family is one of the oldest in Germany and it is believed to have been founded during the 15th century. Its members include politicians, statesmen, generals and authors.

The current president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is a member of this noble family. It is her legacy that is recognized and remembered today, as she works to steer the European Union through the tumultuous times that it is facing.

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von der Leyen: Where does the name von der Leyen come from?

The surname von der Leyen is found predominantly throughout the German-speaking countries in Europe, especially in reply to a survey by the German Genealogical Association. The surname is an old German name, whose etymology dates back to the days of medieval Germany when Knights and Kings frequently bore the addition of ‘Von’ or ‘Von der’ to their surnames as a sign of nobility.

The Von der Leyen surname is unusual in that it was adopted as a hereditary surname rather than passed down through a line of descent, meaning the family did not have to be a noble family for the surname to become a part of their identity. This signifies that the name was probably adopted by someone in the von der Leyen family who had achieved personal success in a certain area or industry, such as politics or finance.

Today, the Von der Leyen surname is most commonly associated with German Defense Minister Ursula Von der Leyen, the first woman to have ever held that position. This name is also noteworthy in the German context, as the title “von der Leyen” is traditionally associated with a noble title of aristocratic descent and is not frequently observed in today's modern West German society. Although generally uncommon in other countries, today the von der Leyen name continues to have relevance and recognition within Germany.

Variations of the surname von der Leyen

The surname von der Leyen is a German-language surname with a long history. It is derived from a pre-13th-century word "laien" originating from either the Old Dutch word "laen" or the Middle German word "leyen." All of them mean "clearing in the woods." As the name evolved, it then became associated with either a settlement or manor located near a clearing in the woods.

The variants of this surname vary from region to region in Germany and other German-speaking regions. However, some of the more common variants are as follows:

Von der Layen

Vonder Leien


Vonder Layen

Von der Leien


Von der Leyhn

Von de Layen

Von Dirleyen

Von der Leyen may also be spelled differently in different countries such as the Netherlands, where it is sometimes spelled as Van Der Leijen.

The surname "von der Layen" can also be an anglicized version of patronymic surnames such as Leyenbach, Leyenberger, Leyendorf, Leyers, Leymann, Leyenberger, Leyenstulle, and Leyermann.

All of these surnames share a common origin in Germany and indicate a geographic location of a settlement or manor near a clearing in the woods. Though spelled differently, all of the used surnames have a long and proud history in German culture and can trace their roots back to the pre-13th-century word "laien."

Famous people with the name von der Leyen

  • Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission
  • Heinz von der Leyen, former soldier with the Nazi Wehrmacht and a post-war president of the Federal Constitutional Court
  • Karl von der Leyen, German field marshal in World War I
  • Peter von der Leyen, German Minister of Culture from 1997 to 2001
  • Karl Theodor Freiherr von der Leyen, German general and statesman
  • Reinhard von der Leyen, photographer and professor
  • Sophia von der Leyen, driven businessperson and advocate for women and LGBT rights
  • William von der Leyen, German journalist and author
  • Hellmuth von der Leyen, Major General in the Imperial German Army during World War I
  • Ferdinand von der Leyen, Grand Admiral of the Imperial German Navy during World War I

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