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Surname Wacaser - Meaning and Origin

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Wacaser: What does the surname Wacaser mean?

The last name Wacaser is of German origin. It was first used as a given name and was derived from the Old German words ‘Wacho’, meaning ‘watchful’, and 'sari', meaning ‘spear’. It is thought that the name was usually given to someone who was perceived to be strong and vigilant.

Wacaser as a surname can be found in both America and Germany. In America the name is most prevalent in the Midwestern states, while in Germany, it is popular in the east and south.

The Wacaser surname has been used by a range of people, from politicians, to business owners, to farmers. It is possible that the name could come from a variety of different places, depending on the specific branch of the family.

The Wacaser coat of arms is also connected to the surname, with the family originally having been granted the coat of arms by the King of Germany in the 1600s. The coat of arms contains a black spear and a shield, with a gold watchful eye and a sun shining in the background.

Overall, the Wacaser surname is a reminder of strength and courage, as well as a reminder to always be vigilant in what one is doing. It is a reminder of the importance of loyalty, and of remaining loyal to one’s family and country.

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Wacaser: Where does the name Wacaser come from?

The last name Wacaser is a relatively uncommon one. The name originates from countries in Central Europe including Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria. It can also be found in the United States.

In the United States, the last name Wacaser is most commonly found in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Virginia. It is a fairly rare name, with only 541 people bearing the name Wacaser as of 2018. It is part of the Germanic family, and the current spelling of the name is believed to date back to the 13th century. It is unclear exactly when the surname originated and no specific family history has been found yet.

The most popular Wacaser family in Wisconsin can be traced back to Francesco Wacaser who immigrated to the United States in 1898. He settled down with his wife in Dane County, Wisconsin and their family continues to live in the same area today. Other Wacaser family lines can be found in Hocking County, Ohio and in the Winchester, Virginia area.

No specific coat of arms has been found for the Wacaser family, although the name is strongly associated with Central Europe. The Wacaser family was an agricultural family in its early years and is believed to be related to the Kaminsk family. It is likely that members of the family could still be found in the areas it originated from.

Overall, the last name Wacaser is still in use today but is not as widely found as it once was. It is most commonly found in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Virginia in the United States, and it can also be traced back to countries in Central Europe where it originated.

Variations of the surname Wacaser

The surname Wacaser is believed to have German origins and is derived from the Middle High German word "wacheser" which means “watchman”. The name has several variations and spellings, such as Watzker, Watzke, Waczak, Wackaser, Wackar and Wacaser.

In conclusion, the different spellings and surnames for the same origin of Wacaser include Watzker, Watzke, Waczak, Wackaser, Wackar and Wacaser. All of these names are derived from the Middle High German word “wacheser” which means watchman.

Variations of the surname can be found in many countries, including Germany, Austria, the United States, Brazil, and Portugal. In the United States, it is most commonly spelled Wacaser and is found in Pennsylvania and Ohio. In Brazil, the spelling is typically Watzien or Watzke while in Portugal it can be Wackasser or Wacker.

The spelling and variations of the surname Wacaser have changed over time, but the meaning of the name remains the same—watchman.

Famous people with the name Wacaser

  • James Wacaser: Professional Motocross racer
  • Kyle Wacaser: Professional skateboarder
  • Antoine Wacaser: Canadian singer-songwriter
  • Annette Wacaser: Professional chef
  • Jim Wacaser: Broadcaster for Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Matt Wacaser: Professional golfer
  • Tami Wacaser: Actor, known for Lying Heart (2014)
  • Dan Wacaser: Former NFL player for the Miami Dolphins
  • Maria Wacaser: Award-winning children's author
  • Peter Wacaser: Politician and current member of the Ohio House of Representatives

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