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Surname Wachob - Meaning and Origin

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Wachob: What does the surname Wachob mean?

The last name Wachob is an Americanized version of a German surname. Its origin can be traced back to the German word "wachen", which means to watch or guard. This is likely because the original bearer of the name was a watchman or guard of some kind.

The surname is most likely derived from a place name, though this cannot be certain. One possible origin is the region of Wachenheim in Germany. This region is rooted in a ninth-century settlement. Alternatively, it could have originated from a castle in the region of the Harz Mountains called Wachoburg.

The last name Wachob is fairly uncommon, and bearers of the name are mostly found in the United States. It is estimated that there are only around 400 households in the entire country that have the Wachob surname.

In summary, the last name Wachob is an Americanized version of a German surname that is derived from the word "wachen", which means to watch or guard. It is uncertain where it originated from, though it is likely place-based. The name is relatively rare, with its bearers mostly found in the United States.

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Wachob: Where does the name Wachob come from?

The surname Wachob is primarily associated with populations in the United States. The surname originated in Europe, and there are some members of the Wachob surname presently living throughout Europe, primarily in Germany and Austria.

In the United States, the Wachob surname is most commonly associated with the state of West Virginia. The Wachob surname has a long history of settling in West Virginia since the early 19th century when the first recorded Wachobs arrived in the state. The family has since spread to the neighboring states of Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Additionally, the name and its variant spellings can be found throughout the greater Midwest and Northeast regions, as well as rural locations of California and Arizona.

In terms of population size, the surname Wachob ranks as the 6,997th most common surname in the United States, with approximately 1,800 recorded bearers across the country.

Variations of the surname Wachob

Wachob is a surname of German origin and is spelled in various ways, including Wachow, Wache, Waechow, Wachen, Wacken, Wackow, Wacke, Wachau, Wacker, Wacht, Wachtel, Wachtman, and Wachten.

The variant Wachow is the oldest spelling of the surname, and is believed to have originated in Bavaria, Germany, along with the Wache spelling. This variant is believed to have originally connoted the warden or guardian of a stream or river. This evolved over time to Wachob and Wachow.

The surname Wacher is another variant of Wachob, which is believed to have originated in Germany. It is thought to have been derived from the Middle High German verb "wachen," which means to guard or keep watch. It most likely evolved from the profession of a watchman or one who was responsible for the security of an area.

The surnames Wacken, Wackow, and Wacke are all variations of Wachob, and they most likely evolved from the Middle High German word "wacken," which translates roughly as to jump or shake. It is believed that the name was originally given to someone who was quite energetic and active.

The surname Wachau is believed to have originated in Austria, where it is still commonly found. It is thought to have derived from two separate Middle High German words, "wâchâ" which means guard, and "hât" which means enclosure or hedge. This evolved to the name being used to denote someone who was a guard or protector of a larger region.

The surname Wachten is also believed to have originated in Germany, and is a variation of Wachob. It is believed to have derived from the Middle High German word "wachen," which means to guard or look after. It is thought to have been given either as a reference to someone responsible for the security of an area, or simply as a nickname for someone who was always watchful.

Famous people with the name Wachob

  • Peter Wachob: founder and the former CEO of Fishbowl Inventory, which he sold to Influitive.
  • Bob Wachob: American football player who played defensive tackle for the Baltimore Colts and the Cleveland Browns.
  • Walker Wachob: American film producer and actor known for his work in The Tree of Life, Dallas Buyers Club, and Arbitrage.
  • Thomas Wachob: former President and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.
  • Bandy Wachob: award-winning American film director, producer, editor, and writer known for films such as Dreamcatcher and Everything.
  • Jodi Wachob: co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Beautycounter, an e-commerce beauty and personal care products company.
  • Kari Wachob: Dean of the College of Commerce and Technology at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • Robert Wachob: retired professor of psychology at the University of Arizona.
  • Kristen Wachob: professional dancer and teacher from New York City.
  • Steve Wachob: folk singer-songwriter who has released three albums and toured throughout the United States.

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