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Surname Wackenhut - Meaning and Origin

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Wackenhut: What does the surname Wackenhut mean?

The last name Wackenhut is of German origin, and literally translates to “Wacke Hut,” which is a type of small house or shed made from wacke - a type of sandstone common to areas of northern Germany.

The Wackenhut family, or Wackenhuters, reportedly emigrated to the United States in 1848.

The surname is thought to come from German, specifically from Saxony or the area around Saxony, and is linked to the Wackenicke family, which traces its lineage back for centuries.

The name is likely derived from the place-name Wackenic, originating from the Old German wacco, meaning “man” or “warrior” and denick meaning “dwelling.”

Wackenhut family members who remain in Germany can still trace their lineage back to the Wackenicke family. The family takes its name from when a member of the Wackenhut family built a small house or shed using sandstone, hence the phrase “Wacke Hut.”

In the United States, the Wackenhut family can be traced to Wisconsin, specifically the towns of Watertown and Franklin; other descendants have since settled across the country.

Today, the Wackenhut family continues to be a respected and prominent name in America. In fields ranging from business and military to media and entertainment, members of the Wackenhut family have excelled and made names for themselves.

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Wackenhut: Where does the name Wackenhut come from?

The last name Wackenhut is most common today in Germany, Sweden, and The United States. The origin dates back hundreds of years, with the name first being documented in Germany in the 1500s.

In Germany, Wackenhut is one of the most popular family names, ranking in the top one thousand. It is most common in the western states of Rheinland-Pfalz and Baden-Württemberg.

In Sweden, the name can be found in the northern regions of Norrland and Västerbotten. It is also popular in the Swedish towns of Goteborg, Umea, and Vaesternorrland.

In the United States, Wackenhut is seen in the Midwest and eastern parts of the country. It is especially popular in the states of Ohio, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. In Ohio, the name can be found in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Toledo.

It is thought that the last name Wackenhut is derived from a personal name. The personal name Wacken is derived from the Middle High German word “wacke”, meaning vigilant or awake. The suffix “hut” is added on to denote a house or dwelling. As such, the last name Wackenhut is thought to mean “dwelling of the one who is vigilant”.

Variations of the surname Wackenhut

The surname Wackenhut is an occupational surname, which is derived from the Middle High German term wachinhut, which roughly translates to “guardhouse.” This surname is typically spelled as Wackenhut, but also has several other variants, including Wackenut, Wachenhut, and Wachenhut as well as alternate spellings Wackinhut and Wackinhunt.

Other surnames with similar origins include Wackenheim, Wackenhaber, Wackenmeier, Wackenschmidt, and Wackenbach. These surnames evolved over time, originating from the same root “wachinhut,” although their spellings can vary and may include alternative spellings.

The Wackenhut surname has also been used as a patronymic surname; this form is typically spelled Wackenheimer, Wackenheiser, and Wackenhausen. These surnames were typically formed by adding the suffix “-heimer”, or an equivalent, to the base form of the last name. This indicates a family connection with the individual who originally bore the Wackenhut surname and were used to differentiate between branches of the same family.

The Wackenhut surname is also found in other regions, including Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. In these countries, the surname is sometimes spelled Wackenghut or Wakeninghut. Additionally, the surname may appear in southern Germany with the surnames Wackeniger and Wachinger.

In conclusion, the surname Wackenhut has several variants and alternate spellings, and is found in many regions throughout Europe. These variants and spellings are used to differentiate between branches of the same family and indicate a family connection with the individual who originally bore the Wackenhut surname.

Famous people with the name Wackenhut

  • Daniel A. Wackenhut, Executive Vice President Security Services at Allied Universal
  • Jeffrey Wackenhut, Senior Vice President at Allied Universal
  • Jeff Wackenhut, Founder and CEO of Wackenhut Services, Inc.
  • Joseph Wackenhut, Senior Vice President at Allied Universal
  • Kevin Wackenhut, Senior Vice President at Allied Universal
  • Michael Wackenhut, President of Wackenhut Services, Inc.
  • Richard Wackenhut, Founder of the Wackenhut Corporation
  • Royal Wackenhut, founder of Wackenhut International
  • Wayne Wackenhut, President of Wackenhut Services, Inc.
  • Will Wackenhut, Executive Vice President Client Solutions at Allied Universal
  • Bill Wackenhut, CEO of Wackenhut International Security and Investigation
  • Samuel Wackenhut, founder of Wackenhut Services, Inc.
  • Maggie Wackenhut, Olympic Gold Medalist in Canoe Slalom (H2 double event)

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