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Surname Waddick - Meaning and Origin

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Waddick: What does the surname Waddick mean?

The surname Waddick is of Irish origin and comes from the Gaelic term "Mac Uaid," meaning "son of Wat." It primarily originates from the regions in and around County Clare and County Limerick in Ireland, but it's also found in other parts of the world due to Irish diaspora. It's important to note that the meanings of surnames can vary based on regional usage and temporal changes in language; the meaning provided is the most commonly accepted one. Like many surnames, Waddick originally served to convey lineage or family ties, while today it may not hold such specific significance. Its meaning or associations might differ based on individual families and their histories.

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Waddick: Where does the name Waddick come from?

The surname Waddick is of Irish origin, derived from the Gaelic name "Ó Mhadáid," which translates to "descendant of Madadh." "Madadh" is an old personal name meaning "dog." This suggests that the ancestors of the Waddick family were once noted for their loyalty and tenacity, traits often associated with dogs.

As with many Irish surnames, the Waddick name has undergone anglicization, where the original Gaelic names are altered to sound more English. It is found in several variants including O’Maddick, Maddick, Madec, and Madigan.

The Waddick name is still found in Ireland today, although it is not considered a common surname. The history of Irish emigration, particularly during periods of famine, means that Irish names like Waddick are also distributed globally. It is seen in countries where the Irish have made their mark, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. However, it is still most concentrated in its country of origin, Ireland. The county of Westmeath in particular is known to have had many residents with the name Waddick.

Variations of the surname Waddick

The surname Waddick is of Irish origin, stemming from the old Gaelic surname "Mac Uaid", carrying the meaning "son of Uaid", with Uaid being a personal name derived from the old Irish term "uaithne", which means "fate" or "destiny".

Several variants, alternative spellings, and anglicizations of this surname exist. They can include: Waddock, Waddicor, Waddiker, Wadick, Waddicar, Waddicks, and Waddacor. These alternate spellings may be due to the variability of translating Gaelic script into English in historical immigration and census records.

The surname Waddick is most prevalent in the United States, but also has a significant presence in Ireland, England, Canada, and Australia. Additionally, it is linked to the historic Irish clan system, its ancestral home being in County Mayo. Keep in mind the original Gaelic form of the name may be more common in Ireland, while the anglicized version may be more common in regions influenced by English, such as the United States and Canada.

Please note that these are estimated possibilities, and the exact variations of the surname Waddick may differ based on individual family histories and regional pronunciation differences of the name.

Famous people with the name Waddick

  • Jack Waddick: an American actor best known for his roles in TV shows, such as Beverly Hills, 90210, Chris Cross, and Dark Shadows.
  • Donald Waddick: a former professional hockey player who played in the National Hockey League for three teams, including the St. Louis Blues.
  • Harry Waddick: a musician and composer from Scotland, best known for being a member of the band Big Country.
  • C. L. Waddick: a Canadian author and feminist, and the author of the "Ms. of the Modern Millennium."
  • Stephen Waddick: a British professional golfer currently on the Challenge Tour.
  • John Waddick: an Australian professional boxer who competed in the super featherweight and lightweight divisions.
  • Pat Waddick: a former American football coach and player and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  • Mike Waddick: a former Canadian lacrosse player who played for the Prince Albert Raiders.
  • Jackie Waddick: a former professional basketball player who played in the Womens' Professional Basketball League.
  • Jeff Waddick: an American actor and writer, best known for his work on the series Man Without a Country.

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