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Surname Waddon - Meaning and Origin

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Waddon: What does the surname Waddon mean?

The surname Waddon is of English origin and is said to be a geographical or locational surname. It is believed to be derived from an area known as Waddon, in Surrey, England. The place name Waddon itself is derived from the Old English words 'waed' meaning ford, and 'dun' meaning hill, hence 'hill by a ford'. Geographical surnames were typically given to individuals who resided in, or were associated with, particular regions, areas, or land features. Therefore, the ancestors of the Waddon family likely lived in or near the Waddon area. Such surnames became necessary when towns and cities grew larger, and it became confusing to distinguish people with the same first names. Over time, the name may have had different spellings due to changes in language and transcription errors.

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Waddon: Where does the name Waddon come from?

The surname Waddon originates from England, specifically from a location named Waddon in Surrey. The name was originally derived from Old English 'waed' (wade) and 'dun' (hill), meaning 'hill where one can wade through water'. It referred to people who lived in or near that area.

Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation, and in England, this practice was established by the time of the 'Poll Tax' in the 14th century. As a locational surname, 'Waddon' was often given to people after they moved from Waddon, and took up residence elsewhere.

In terms of its commonness today, Waddon is relatively rare. There's no specific data available that indicates its commonness but, like most English surnames, it is likely to be most common in the United Kingdom, and possibly in other regions with strong British ties, like the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Online directories do show individuals with the last name Waddon in these areas.

Variations of the surname Waddon

The surname Waddon originates from England, specifically from a location in Surrey known as Waddon. Variants and alternative spellings for this surname are not well documented, but it's conceivable that occurrences of differing spellings may include Wadon, Wadton, Wadon, Waddan, and Wattan.

Typically, surnames have multiple versions due to changes over time or regional differences in pronunciations. Also, translation between languages can also generate different forms. For example, when people emigrated to new lands, their names were often modified to match local phonetics. So, while alternative spellings for Waddon may exist, they aren't well recognized and/or widely used.

As for surnames of the same origin, since Waddon is an English locational surname, other surnames from the same region might include Sutton (another place in Surrey), Croydon, Bromley, and Kingston (all places in or near Surrey). However, these originate from different locations and are not considered variants of the Waddon name. Waddon essentially remains a unique surname that is tied to its specific geographical origins.

Famous people with the name Waddon

  • Charlie Waddon: Canadian producer, director and cinematographer.
  • Madeline Waddon: British actress most prominently known for her portrayal of Millie in BBC’s ‘Miranda’.
  • Arthur Waddon: English cricketer who played for Surrey Cricket Club in the Early 20th Century.
  • Gunner Waddon: Shipyard worker and Australian Survivor contestant.
  • Emma Waddon: English actress who has starred in a number of series over the years, including ‘Doctors’ and ‘The Cut’.
  • Lennon Waddon: Irish actor best known for his roles in ‘The Maze’ and ‘Crow’.
  • Ruth Waddon: British television presenter who has worked with ITV and the BBC.
  • Jake Waddon: American actor, known for roles in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Friday Night Lights’.
  • Stuart Waddon: British stage actor who has appeared in productions around the world.
  • Michael Waddon: Part of the Canadian folk-pop duo ‘The Waddons’ with his brother Matthew.
  • Matthew Waddon: Canadian singer-songwriter and the other half of ‘The Waddons’.

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