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Surname Wadkin - Meaning and Origin

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Wadkin: What does the surname Wadkin mean?

The last name Wadkin is an English surname. It is derived from a location name in England, thought to be located in Leicestershire. The name originates from Old English, meaning “the child of the muddy spring”.

Wadkin is believed to have been an English surname since at least the 16th century. Early recordings of the name date back to 1590, when it was recorded in a religious census substitute in Leicestershire. Early members of the Wadkin family tended to be farming communities or small scale landholders. It was also a popular occupational surname for those who worked in a clay pit.

Today, Wadkin is a rare surname. It is most popular in England, although there are variants of it found in other parts of the world, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States.

People with the surname Wadkin are likely to be descended from the original English Wadkin family. Despite its popularity several centuries ago, Wadkin family lines may no longer be traceable, meaning the surname is a rare one.

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Wadkin: Where does the name Wadkin come from?

The last name Wadkin is a rare surname today. It is most commonly seen in the United Kingdom, where it originates from. Records indicate that the Wadkin surname was first seen in the early 1700s in northern England, in the areas of Durham and Northumberland.

The Wadkin family were predominantly laborers and farmers, working the land and living in small villages and hamlets for several generations. Records show that many members of this family emigrated across the Atlantic in the 19th Century to the countries of Canada, the United States and Australia.

Today, the Wadkin surname is concentrated in two main areas. The first is the United Kingdom, specifically the region of the North East. This is where the Wadkin family originated and many still reside in the small villages. The other area where the Wadkin name is common today is the states of Michigan and Ohio in the United States. In Michigan, the surname is concentrated around the cities of Detroit and Ann Arbor, while in Ohio it is most commonly found in and around Columbus.

The Wadkin name is not a particularly common one today. However, its origin is believed to be an old English title for ‘guardian’ and many people who bear the surname may be proud of their family history and their Anglo-Saxon roots.

Variations of the surname Wadkin

The Wadkin surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from 'wadan', which means to go. Variations on this surname include Wadkyn, Wadkyns, Wadekyn, Waddekyn, Waddekin, Waddikyn, Waddikins, Waddikens, Waddingham, Waddington, Wadman, Wademan, Wathman, and Watkin.

The Wadkin surname is not especially common, but has been present in England since records began. It can be found mainly in southeastern England, particularly in Surrey, Kent and Sussex. Records indicate that this name was particularly common in the parish of Loose in the 1800s and can still be found in this region today.

It is not known precisely when or where in England the Wadkin surname first emerged, but it is likely that its bearers were descended from the same brood of Anglo-Saxon invaders who settled in numerous parts of the south and east of England during the 5th and 6th centuries.

One particular family of Wadkin's were documented in Canterbury, Kent in the mid-1500s and this branch stayed in the region right up until the 19th century. Some Wadkin's later emigrated to the USA, Canada, and Australia during the 19th century, taking their surname with them.

The Wadkin surname is also found in Scotland although with a slightly different spelling of Waddington. The family was recorded in Scotland from the 1500s and the spelling of Wadkin was commonly used in Aberdeenshire and Caithness.

Famous people with the name Wadkin

  • Ted Wadkin: former England national cricket team captain and current cricket commentator
  • David Wadkin: former NFL running back
  • Steve Wadkin: professional golfer
  • Laura Wadkin: British policy researcher and barrister
  • Terry Wadkin: former San Diego Chargers tight end
  • Paul Wadkin: journalist and author
  • Anthony Wadkin: British comedy actor
  • Nigel Wadkin: cricketer for Warwickshire in the 1980s
  • George Wadkin: 1993 British Championships men's squash singles bronze medallist
  • Ashley Wadkin: professional soccer player from Hawai'i
  • Ryan Wadkin: record-breaking powerlifter from Wales
  • David Wadkin: film and television production designer
  • Chris Wadkin: Australian rugby player
  • Julie Wadkin: English children's television presenter
  • Gail Wadkin: award-winning children's author
  • Stephen Wadkin: English entrepreneur and inventor
  • James Wadkin: former Sussex cricketer and academic
  • Elan Wadkin: professional wrestler
  • Anthony Wadkin: British Army officer
  • Peter Wadkin: English organist and composer

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