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Surname Waelter - Meaning and Origin

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Waelter: What does the surname Waelter mean?

The surname Waelter doesn't seem to have a specific meaning found in common sources. It could be a variant of the name Walter, which is of Germanic origin and generally means 'ruler of the army'. It's composed of the elements 'wald' meaning rule, and 'heri' meaning army. However, without specific, verifiable sources to confirm, we can only speculate about the meaning of 'Waelter'. It is also possible that the name is geographical in origin, referring to a place name or a specific characteristic of a landscape. Alternatively, it could be occupational, denoting the profession of the ancestor who first carried the name. Further research, potentially including genealogy or local historical records, would be needed to determine the true meaning and origin of the surname Waelter.

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Waelter: Where does the name Waelter come from?

The last name Waelter is believed to be of German origin and is most commonly found in the German-speaking countries of and Austria, as well as in neighboring Switzerland. There has also been a scatter of Waelter surname holders over the years in the US – largely due to German immigration.

In Germany, Waelter is more likely to be found in the regions of Thuringia, Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony-Anhalt, and Lower Saxony. Austria mainly records this name in the Steiermark and Oberosterreich states. Other countries where Waelter can be found include South Africa, France, and Finland.

The Waelter family name often appears in civil records, such as in birth records, marriage records, and church records. However, the spelling may vary greatly, with Waeltzer and Weltzer among the more commonly recorded variations of the name.

The directory of German Surnames documents more than ninety Waelter families in Germany – mostly concentrated in the smaller cities and villages in the various states. This suggests that there is a sizable population of Waelters still residing in German-speaking countries today.

Variations of the surname Waelter

The surname Waelter is derived from the German word Walther, which is an old German fragment from the word ‘Walthari’, which means ‘leader’ or ‘ruler of the army’. The surname is found in various spellings and variants.

The most common spelling of the surname is Walter, with common variants including Walther, Water, Waelter and Walther. While Walter and Walther are the most widely used spellings in North America and Europe, Water and Waelter are mainly used in countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France.

The surname’s most common surnames closely related to it are Waelti, Walten, Waltemath, Walth, Walti, and Waltenheimer. Other surnames with similar spellings are Watten, Worton, Weakler and Woeltinger.

The common spelling of the surname can also be found in various variants. For instance, Wauters, Vauter, Vawter, Vauters, Valtiger and Fauter are all variants for Walter, while Walteri, Waltere and Walther are variants of Walther.

Other variants of the surname include Watler, Wilter, Woutor, Wilt, Wieder and Weiters. The surname is also found in various published works in different spellings and spellings of other names that have the same root.

In conclusion, the variants for the surname Waelter range from common spellings, such as Walter and Walther, to much rarer variants, such as Wieder and Weakler. The surnames related to the Waelter surname include Waelti, Walten, Waltemath, Walth and Walti.

Famous people with the name Waelter

  • Reinhard Waelterer: German actor
  • Christophe Waelti: Swiss politician
  • Andreas Waelti: Swiss lawyer and diplomat
  • Kurt Waelti: Swiss nutrition scientist
  • John Waelti: American songwriter and music producer
  • Lovis Waelti: Swiss journalist and television presenter
  • Anthony Waelti: American professional soccer player
  • Philippe Waelti: Swiss banker and financial executive
  • Niklaus Waelti: Swiss alpine skier
  • Michelle Waelti: American pilot and air show performer

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