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Surname Waidson - Meaning and Origin

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Waidson: What does the surname Waidson mean?

The last name Waidson is derived from the old Norse væiðr, which means 'wood'. It likely refers to a family of woodcutters, or someone who worked in some form of forestry. This surname is commonly found in Germany, Scandinavia, and the British Isles.

Historically, the name Waidson was used as an occupational surname, as people often took on surnames relating to their profession or job title. It is thought that the earliest Waidsons were forest workers, such as loggers, foresters, or woodcutters. This is supported by the old Norse origin of the name, meaning 'wood'. As such, it would have been an ideal surname for anyone working in the lumber industry.

The Waidson surname can also be interpreted to mean 'from the woods', which could refer to a person who was native to a certain region or area that was covered with forests and woods. This meaning can also refer to a person's habitat or residence, as the name could indicate someone who lived in an area that was predominantly made up of forests and woods.

Altogether, the last name Waidson likely had its beginnings as an occupational surname, and may have originated from a family of woodcutters or foresters. It could also refer to someone who was native to a wooded area, or a place that was covered with forests and woods.

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Waidson: Where does the name Waidson come from?

The last name Waidson is believed to be of German origin and is most commonly found in the United States and Canada today. It is highest in concentration in the state of Michigan, although there are some Waidson families who have spread throughout the country. Most of the Waidson families are of Huguenot descent, Huguenots being a group of French protestants who emigrated to various countries, including Germany and the United States, after facing religious persecution in the 1600s.

In the United States today, Waidson is most common in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, and New Jersey. Though it is not the most common last name in any of these states, several members of the Waidson family have built reputations in some of these states—some have even been prominent political figures in Michigan history.

The Waidson family is small but has had a lasting impact on the region. Waidsons are known for their warm hospitality and welcoming attitudes, and, as a result, they have often left strong relationships with their friends and family. They have even been active in charities and organizations designed to help their local communities.

Overall, the Waidson family is a small, tight-knit one that has been able to make a lasting impact over the years, even if their name isn’t the most common last name in the states they are found in today.

Variations of the surname Waidson

The surname Waidson has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin throughout history. Some of the most common variations are Waydson, Waidson, Waideson, Waydesone, Wheydson, Wheideson, Waitson, Weightson, Weydson, and Weydeson. Although Waidson is most commonly found in Northeast England, the variations of this surname can also be traced to Germany, Scandinavia, and Scotland.

In England, the surname Waidson has primarily been documented as originating from a derivation of the personal name Walter. During the 14th century, Walter was a common personal name throughout England, and some scholars suggest that Waidson began its life as an occupational surname derived from the word ‘weid’, which means ‘weaver’ in Middle English.

While Waidson may not be the most common surname today, its variants have remained popular over the centuries. In more modern times, Waidson-like surnames such as Wattson, Watson, Wadson, and Weldon are still in wide use. In Scotland, the surname Weighton, Waitson, and Waatsone are found in historical records, as is Welsh variant of the surname, Waitson.

In Germany, the surname Waidson can be traced back to the medieval period of the Holy Roman Empire. Depending on the region, the surname is spelled Weydson, Waifson, or Waedsen. In Scandinavia, Waydson, Wadson, and Waalson are all common variants of the name.

Throughout its lifespan, the surname Waidson has kept its original meaning intact. From weavers to soldiers, the Waidson surname has signified independence and hard work for hundreds of years.

Famous people with the name Waidson

  • Joe Waidson: American linemen for the 2018 Baltimore Ravens.
  • Meagan Waidson: American actress best known for her roles in the sitcoms The Big Bang Theory, Gavin & Stacey, and Veep.
  • Mark Waidson: American comics writer, editor, and artist known for his work on DC, Marvel, and other superhero comics.
  • Harold Waidson: American basketball player who won a gold medal at the 1936 Summer Olympics.
  • Jenny Waidson: British mathematician who founded the field of Quantum Computing and Algorithms.
  • Peter Waidson: British author and journalist best known for his book on British politics, The Rise and Fall of a Superpower.
  • Harry Waidson: English politician and former Member of Parliament, as well as a former minister in the Conservative government.
  • Maria Waidson: American fashion designer known for her ready-to-wear lines of high-end womenswear.
  • James Waidson: American poet and civil rights activist, best known for his book The Fire Next Time.
  • Emily Waidson: American cartoonist, author, and illustrator known for creating the comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland.

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