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Unraveling My Genetic Tapestry: The Unexpected Journey of the Surname 'Waite' Through My iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Waite

Peering into my genetic history via an iGENEA DNA test, I expected a simple tale of English descent. What awaited me was a treasure trove of surprises that unfurled across the vast European landscape from Scandinavia to Iberia, revealing a fascinating, unexpected story of my surname, 'Waite'.

When I sent my DNA sample to iGENEA for analysis, I expected a confirmation of my known English heritage. The reality, however, was more surprising and complex than I could ever have anticipated. Through exploration of my paternal line, I discovered that my surname, 'Waite', has its roots not just in England but in a very diverse European landscape.

Several unexpected turns unfolded right before my eyes as I navigated my genetic journey. I discovered that ancient roots of the Waite name trace back to Scandinavia's Viking society. My Y-DNA test result pointed to the haplogroup I1, common among Scandinavians and reflected in about 40% of the Swedish and Norwegian populations. My forefathers may well have been part of Viking invasions around the 8th to 10th century that brought the DNA to England.

But the story doesn't end there. Further delving into the analysis results, I found out that my mitochondrial DNA is the haplogroup H, which is prevalent in Western Europe, especially Spain and Portugal. This could hint at a possible Iberian matrilineal lineage, perhaps as a result of migration during the Anglo-Saxon period.

The surname 'Waite' has long been associated with medieval watchmen or musicians in England. Despite the recognition as an occupational surname, my DNA journey only added more depth and understanding to its origins and path of diffusion.

One can never know the complete story of their ancestors, yet through my iGENEA DNA test, I've discovered a rich tapestry of lineages and cultures. This leap into my genetic past has painted a clearer picture of where I come from. It exposed me to a world beyond my present heritage, reshaping my understanding of identity and truly underlining the interconnectedness of our past.

C. Waite

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