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Surname Waitt - Meaning and Origin

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Waitt: What does the surname Waitt mean?

The last name Waitt is of Anglo-Saxon origin. It has some potential meanings and origins that include: associated with the occupation of a watchman or guard, from the Old English "wacian" which means "to watch or guard"; associated with someone who played the musical instrument 'waits', a kind of medieval English horn; it's a topographic name for someone who dwelled near a bridge or a gate; it may derive from a nickname for someone who was patient or had to wait often. The surname Waitt may also be associated with a person who was a watchmaker or performer of a watch-night during the medieval times. The name has various spellings such as Wait, Waite, and Weight due to transcription errors over centuries and dialectical differences in the Middle Ages. Hence, it has a rich historical and cultural legacy in English history.

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Waitt: Where does the name Waitt come from?

The surname Waitt is considered to be of English origin, although it is possible that the name has its roots elsewhere. The name is most commonly found in the United Kingdom today, predominately in the North-West region, particularly around the city of Liverpool.

Outside of the UK, Waitt is an uncommon surname in the English-speaking world, however, there has been a recent rise in its presence in the United States and Canada. This is likely due to immigration from the UK from the 19th century onwards.

Overall, Waitt is a reasonably uncommon surname, accounting for only 0.001% of the US population according to the US Census in 2020. However, it is still common enough to be recognisable in many parts of the English-speaking world, and the number of Waitts living today will only continue to grow.

Variations of the surname Waitt

The surname Waitt is an English derivation of the French name "wate". This name was first used in the 12th century, and is derived from the Old French term "wace" that was used to describe a "watchman". The surname Waitt is a variant form of this name, and whilst it is still largely considered to be an English name, the spelling Waitt is most commonly found in North America.

Variants of the Waitt surname can be found in Scotland, where it is commonly seen as Wait, with a variant form of Waite(s). In Ireland, Waitt is sometimes recorded as Wait.

Other spellings of this surname with different origins include Wyatt, Wait, Waite, Waight, Weight and Whit. These are all derived from the Old English elements “waet”, which means “lookout”, “guard”, or “watchman”.

The Waitt surname also has multiple regional variations, such as Wyt in the northeast of England, Waitte in the southwest, and Whitt in Yorkshire.

The Waitt surname is often confused with the surname Witt, as the two names have a similar spelling. However, Witt is derived from an Old German term “witti”, which means “wise”.

In conclusion, the surname Waitt is primarily derived from the French surnames Wate and Waite(s). Its variants can be found across the world and include Wyatt, Wait, Waite(s), Waight, Weight, Whit, Wyt, Waitte, Whitt and Witt.

Famous people with the name Waitt

  • Steve Waitt: American entrepreneur and investor, best known as the co-founder of Gateway Computer, Inc.
  • Mark Waitt: British actor, writer, autobiographer, and comedian.
  • Donna Waitt: American professional golfer.
  • Will Waitt: Australian Paralympic swimmer.
  • Gertrude Waitt: American children's author
  • Marie Waitt: British actress
  • Robert Waitt: British microbiologist and botanist
  • Ronald Waitt: American composer and musical director
  • Karl Waitt: British military officer
  • George Waitt: American songwriter, musician, and radio host

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