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Surname Wakely - Meaning and Origin

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Wakely: What does the surname Wakely mean?

The surname Wakely is of Anglo-Saxon origin, stemming from ancient roots in England. The name is locational, which means it originated from a particular area or place. It is believed to have derived from a place called "Wakeley" in Hertfordshire, or possibly from "Wakeley" in Berkshire. The place name in Hertfordshire is recorded as "Wachefeld" in 1086 in the Domesday Book, and its meaning is "Wacca's field." "Wacca" is an Old English personal name, and "field" comes from the Old English term "feld," which means open country or unencumbered land. However, the place name in Berkshire means "watch-tree wood or clearing," derived from the Old English terms "wacian" (to watch or guard) and "leah" (wood or clearing). Therefore, the last name Wakely is believed to mean "of Wakeley" or "from Wakeley," indicating that the initial bearers lived or held land in that area. Over time, it came to be used as a surname and eventually passed down to subsequent generations.

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Wakely: Where does the name Wakely come from?

The surname Wakely is mainly found in the United Kingdom today. It is most common in the southern part, including southern counties of England such as Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Berkshire, and Oxfordshire. It is also found in the north and east, including Lancashire and Yorkshire. It is not overly common and is found at a moderate rate, with some focused distribution clusters.

In other countries, the name Wakely can still be found. For example, there are some Wakelys found in the United States who trace their heritage back to English immigrants in the 18th and 19th centuries. In Canada, the surname Wakely is mainly found in Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia and is primarily linked to the same English immigrants.

The name Wakely is found in other areas of the world due to immigration. For example, there are some Wakelys living in Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, the name can be found in Scotland and Ireland, Caribbean countries like Jamaica, and in some parts of India.

Overall, the surname Wakely is mainly found in the United Kingdom, most notably the southern part. It is also found in other countries, primarily due to English immigration, and to a lesser degree due to other immigration.

Variations of the surname Wakely

The Wakely surname has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Some of these variations include Wakley, Wackley, Waykly, Wacklie, Wackley, Waklee, Walkey, Walkely, Wakelie, Weckley, Weckly, Weeckley, etc.

The Wakely surname has two possible origins. Some records suggest that the name is of English origin and often derived from the Welsh names, Walgh (also spelled as Walegh) and Wallice, a variation of the name Wallace. In this case, the surname refers to someone who lived in a small area located near a wall and was derived from the Olde English term for "wall." In this case, the surname evolved from the pre-seventh-century Walgh or Wallace.

The other possible origin for the Wakely surname is Anglo-Saxon. It is derived from the Germanic name Walgud, and the Old English words for "group" and "wall." This suggests that the surname "Wakely" most likely means someone who lived near a group of walls.

Regardless of its origin, the Wakely surname has been found in Britain since the 12th century and has since been found in various countries throughout Europe, such as Germany, Denmark, and France. The surname has also spread across the English and North American continents to Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Famous people with the name Wakely

  • Jimmy Wakely: American singer and actor best known for his duets with Margaret Whiting.
  • Jack Wakely: Actor and stuntman best known for his role of Tim Steele in TV show The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries.
  • Flo Wakely: British actress known for appearing in Carry On Nurse and the Guiding Light TV show.
  • Dan Wakely: British actor who's been in films and television such as Love & Friendship and Mr Stink.
  • Max Wakely: Singer-songwriter, producer, and actor, best known for his work on the TV series The Outsiders.
  • Charles Wakely: American writer, director, and actor whose credits include the movie Little Tokyo, USA.
  • Andrew Wakely: British actor known for roles in films such as The Boat That Rocked and Stardust.
  • Holly Wakely: American actress known for her appearances in television and films such as Adventure Time with Finn and Jake and Wildcard.
  • Billy Wakely: British musician and songwriter, playing both bass and guitar in several bands.
  • Amanda Wakely: British fashion designer and founder of the eponymous fashion house.

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