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Surname Walbank - Meaning and Origin

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Walbank: What does the surname Walbank mean?

The surname Walbank is of English origin, traced primarily back to regions situated in Northern England. It is considered to be a geographical or topographic surname, which means it was originally given to people based on a prominent feature of the geography where they lived.

The name "Walbank" is derived from the Old English words ‘wala,’ meaning 'foreigner' or 'welshman', and ‘bank,’ which usually refers to a ridge or hillside. So, it was likely given to someone who lived near a steep hillside, or possibly a border or ridge separating two distinct regions or properties. A person by this name might have been characterized as a Welshman living near a ridge.

It's important to note that there are various interpretations and theories about the origins and meanings of old surnames. The exact historical derivation for any given name might be obscured by the passage of time and the lack of concrete historical records. However, the previously given explanation remains the most commonly accepted basis for the surname Walbank.

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Walbank: Where does the name Walbank come from?

The last name Walbank is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, particularly in England. There are numerous locations across England where the surname was found in the 1881 census, including Derbyshire, Warwickshire and Greater Manchester. It is also particularly prevalent in the West Midlands, with significant numbers found in Wolverhampton, Dudley and Solihull. The surname is also found in smaller numbers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Outside of the UK, the surname has also been found in various other countries, especially in the US. It is most commonly found in the States of California, New York, Massachusetts and Florida. There are also notable numbers of the surname found in Canada, particularly in Ontario and British Columbia.

A range of different spelling variations of the same surname have also been documented emerging in different countries, including Walbank, Wolbancke, Wobank, Walbonk and Walbankes. Despite these regional and spelling variations, all of the occurrences of the name can be traced back to British origins. Thus, it can be said that the last name Walbank remains most prominent amongst countries with British roots today.

Variations of the surname Walbank

Walbank is an English surname which originates from either being a topographical surname for someone who lived near a wallbank or a locational surname from any of the places named with the Old English elements 'walu', meaning wall, and 'banke', originally meaning slope but later coming to refer to a bank of land.

Variants of Walbank include Walbanke, Wallbank, Wallbanke, Wallbankes, Wallbanks, Wallbanker, Wallbankers, Wallbankes and Wallbanck.

Spellings of the surname Walbank include Walbanck, Wallbance, Wallbanke, Wallbancke, Wallbancks, Wallbanke, Wallbancker, Wallbanker, Wallbanckers, Wallbankes and Wallbank.

Surnames of similar origin include Waller, Wallerand, Wallen, Walland, Walllace, Walford, Walgrave, Walis, Walker, Walklett and Walkling.

Famous people with the name Walbank

  • Frank William Walbank: British historian and professor.
  • Samer Walbank: English professional footballer.
  • Stephen Walbank: Australian violinist and professor.
  • Stephen Walbank: British professional ice-hockey player.
  • Richard Walbank: British award-winning documentary filmmaker.
  • John Walbank: English actor and actor.
  • Bernie Walbank: American professional golfer.
  • Sarah Walbank: British art historian and author.
  • Tom Walbank: English professional rugby union player.
  • Mark Walbank: American professional basketball player.

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